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  • I upgraded to Events Manager 5.0.42, which changed how the recurring events work. When I try to add a new recurring event the “add new” button is missing. I found that it is affected by Role Scoper. When I turn off Role Scoper, the button comes back. My role is administrator so there shouldn’t be any restrictions.

    Is anyone else aware of this bug?

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  • will going to check this one and update you

    Plugin Author Marcus


    chances are role scoper is messing with your capabilities, if you make sure your role has the right caps then it should work.

    Yes, it seems that it is messing with my capabilites, but I don’t think there is a capability for recurring events, just events and event categories. I can’t find a way to switch recurring events on.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    there should be some like publish_recurring_events, edit_recurring_events…

    i know that a few ppl do use role scoper and caps manager in the past and got it working.

    Caps manager does have something like publish_recurring_events, edit_recurring_events. But, I use Role Scoper because I need to put restrictions on post categories.

    Role Scoper does not have anything with recurring event like publish_recurring_events, edit_recurring_events. Do you know of anyone that has Role Scoper and Events Manager both working with recurring events?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    yes, quite a few as far as I’m aware. You need to make sure you have given your custom roles the right caps, could be that.

    I installed both plugins on another wordpress site to test it out and it still doesn’t work. This other worpress site has no custom roles. All the roles are on default, but the “add Recurring Event” still disappears just by activating role scoper.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’ve tagged role scoper into this post, maybe they can chime in and give their opinion? I’ve also asked someone I know uses RS on their site with EM.

    Don’t mind having a look at this down the road when time permits, since RS is such a popular plugin.

    I’m getting this and another conflict problem with Role Scoper.

    The user capabilities in Events Manager are not working at all with Role Scoper activated. Administrators are the only ones that can get access to the Events etc. I’ve tried giving all user capabilities to all of the other roles, but this has no effect. All that non admins can see are the events they have created and then only until they have been published by the admin.

    All works fine once I deactivate Role Scoper.

    I really need to give access to a non admin so that they can manage all the events, but as it stands I can’t do this. Any ideas?

    The “no event access at all” condition can be corrected by disabling RS filtering of the Event type:

    Roles > Options > Realm > Post Type Usage

    For non-display of the “Add Recurring Event” button, modify role-scoper/admin/admin_rs.php, function filter_add_new_button() as follows:


    $use_post_types = scoper_get_option( 'use_post_types' );
    if ( empty( $use_post_types[$_post_type] ) )


    $_post_type = ( ! empty($_REQUEST['post_type']) ) ? $_REQUEST['post_type'] : 'post';

    I will be adding this change to the RS development code shortly.

    Thanks Kevin, that has solved all my problems!

    Many Many thanks Kevin. You just solved all my problem too 🙂

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Thanks Kevin! if there’s something we can do to make it more compatible with your plugin, let me know.

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