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  • Hi, I posted about this a few weeks ago but didn’t have any luck, so I’m just trying again, I have 3 attributes set up on my new site, one for the line-up, one for a ticket reseller, and another for a different reseller. I’d like these to only display when there’s a value entered into each, and I’d also like them to be wrapped in html, for example:

    {has_lineup}<a href="#_ATT{lineup}">Lineup</a>{/has_lineup}

    I’ve looked at the tutorial over and over again at and can’t get my head around how to link the code up correctly with the Attributes fields.

    Can someone help me with the code I can just paste in? I’m not lazy – just genuinely confused by the code. Alternatively – can someone help set it up like an add-on?

    I’m begging – please help me code this and I’ll be very grateful and paypal some beer money, or, Marcus, if you can do this for me I’ll purchase the full module – this is the only stumbling block for me 🙁


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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    sorry custom jobs like that would need a programmer because it’s specific to your attribute, anyone willing to pitch in please do!

    It’s just a very simple text attribute that I’ve set up using the included attribute framework built into the plugin, so please, anyone fancy making a very quick and easy buck? 🙂

    Anyone willing to take on the job? Or can recommend someone? I really need to get this fixed on the site to launch it – please? 🙂


    I’m working through the same problem. I don’t want to create a whole new addon just to add a quick attribute.

    I don’t think it is unique to akiraprise’s problem (though, of course, Marcus is the one who would know best). The way I see it, the basic issue is: can we create conditional placeholders for Event Attributes, or can we only do it for custom placeholders? If the former, what’s the main difference?


    ok, I got it to work! The main problem was relating the event_id to the post_id, as the Event Attributes are stored in postmeta, while the hook you need to use relies on $EM_Event. I’m not sure I understand fully why this works, but it seems to. Marcus, might you consider including this in your documentation (and maybe cleaning it up a little)?

    I have used “styles” as the name of the attribute, to stay in line with Marcus’ tutorial.

    I hope this helps, akiraprise.

    add_action('em_event_output_condition', 'my_em_styles_event_output_condition', 1, 4);
    function my_em_styles_event_output_condition($replacement, $condition, $match, $EM_Event){
    	global $wpdb;
    	$postid = $wpdb->get_col("SELECT post_id FROM $wpdb->postmeta WHERE $wpdb->postmeta.meta_value = '{$EM_Event->event_id}' AND meta_key='_event_id'", 0	);
    	$styles_check = $wpdb->get_col("SELECT meta_value FROM $wpdb->postmeta WHERE $wpdb->postmeta.post_id = $postid[0] AND meta_key='styles'", 0	);
    	if( is_object($EM_Event) && preg_match('/^is_styles_(.+)$/',$condition, $matches) ){
    		if( in_array($matches[1],$styles_check) ){
    			$replacement = preg_replace("/\{\/?$condition\}/", '', $match);
    			$replacement = '';
    	return $replacement;
    Plugin Author Marcus


    we’ll be reviewing the docs regularly as we’ll be adding many more features over the months!

    i run into the same problem with my facebook link and i had a totally different approch… here is my solution:

    i copied the template folder into my theme folder and started adding stuff to it like you do normal in the admin panel (well documented…)

    then i had a look at the class-functions and class-attributes you could get if you global $EM_event

    marcus pointed out, that there is a stored information in the $EM_event object called ‘attributes’ which will return all the attributes eg. custom fields and custom meta (or at least all meta?! not sure anymore)

    so i just went and wrote like

    $attr = $EM_Event->attributes;
    if(isset($attr[‘your custom attr’]) && strlen($attr[‘your_custom_attr’]) > 0) do something tricky;

    i use this for facebook links.. if there is one, i will print it out if not .. not

    if needed i could copy-past my code somewhere

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for looking into this and giving me 2 different options, I’m not sure which is best for my needs.

    Bucketsaway, I’ve put that code you posted in my functions file, added a #_ATT{styles}, put a text string in it on one event and tried to show the content with {is_styles}Conditional is working{/is_styles}, but it doesn’t seem to work, am I doing something wrong?

    and scharc, this also sounds interesting, could yuo give me an example of your code or how to implement this?

    Sorry guys but I’m a bit of a novice with php, but I really appreciate you both looking into this and giving me advice! Thanks 🙂

    in this example, the “styles” attribute should be a dropdown list. For instance:


    The conditional then takes the form

    {is_styles_red}This would be test that would appear if the style was red{/is_styles_red}
    {is_styles_blue}This would be test that would appear if the style was blue{/is_styles_blue}

    with some modification of the code, you could get it to work for a text field instead of a dropdown list, but I haven’t tried that.

    i think my description is selfexplaining and really easy… but you asked for it, so here it goes again:

    1. follow this:

    2. add some custom attributes, in my example its “Facebook-Link”. remember, case-sensitive!

    3. you want something done to your single-event view, so copy your modifications from the admin panel to the event-single.php

    mine looks like:

    thats it!

    akiraprise, did you get it to work?

    Hi again,

    You actually both really helped, I’ve got 2 ticket affiliates, so I’ve managed to use both Bucketsaway code as a dropdown selection and scharc’s as a text input!

    Thanks again

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