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  • Hi all,

    First, sorry for my english, i’ll try to do my best to make myself as clear as possible.

    My problem: I’d like to add a conditional “reminder” in the mails EM sends, regarding the total amount one have to pay after booking.

    I found how to display the total amount (adding ‘#_BOOKINGPRICE’ => $this->price, to em-booking.php) but I realized that some events may be free or that one may offer free tickets for his event. I don’t want EM to send an email with “Price: 0 EUR” but instead something like “It’s free!” (or nothing)

    I think I have to create a conditional placeholder, like {the_amount} – I tried hard but can’t succeed in doing it. I looked the “Creating Conditional Placeholders” tutorial, but I hardly understand how it works. Instead I tried to copy existing ones in order to have a proper idea on how it works, it gives me this:

    if ($condition == ‘the_amount’) {
    if($this->price > 0){
    $replacement = substr($conditionals[0][$key], 14, strlen($conditionals[0][$key])-29); //29 = (15+14)
    $replacement = ‘Free!’;

    I added to my mails:


    but it always displays “Free!” text. I think “$this->price > 0” is not correct and I tried many other things – in vain…

    Does anyone have an idea?

    Many thanks

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