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  • While Settings > Pages > Event Categories > Override with Formats?Yes, can I know your settings in your Settings > Formats/Layouts > Categories Format ? Also, can you try to preview it using a default theme (TwentyEleven)

    And please try to checkout this related post

    Also, can I know your theme name?

    Yep tried it with Twenty Eleven, which gave this;

    That looks fine, obviously.

    In Thesis (my theme) the page does not use the normal Thesis template – the formats override it, but the wrong formats are being used. It’s as though the plugin isn’t putting the right formats in the right place when Thesis is active.

    So, the question is, how does the plugin detect whether it is a category page? Presumably that’s where Thesis is intefering?

    Here are screenshots of the formats settings:


    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi Phil (we’ve crossed paths on wpmudev i think?),

    Can you try running the 2011 theme to see if it’s your theme overriding what EM tries to do to the wp_query object? I’m guessing it’s that, as when enabled, we convert a category archive into a normal page just before the templates are loaded.

    Ah yes, Hi Marcus!

    Yep, that first screenshot shows it working fine in 2011 so it’s definitely Thesis (which I suspected anyway).

    So I’m guessing your overriding of the category archive is being intercepted and overridden again by Thesis? I’m not 100% clear on the exact code involved as I haven’t dug in yet…

    I’m mostly wondering whether it’s something that can be sorted through a tweak to Thesis or a tweak to the plugin…


    that can be sorted out by tweaking your theme as described in this link

    Yep,understand that but this is the issue – I have “override with formats” on and doing so definitely changes the format from the Thesis default.

    However, changing the formats in the Formats settings page has absolutely not impact on the output. Indeed, the default output is not right.

    Take a look at the code on the page I linked to in my first post, then compare it to the formats settings I have – you’ll see that they don’t match.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I have a feeling thesis is wiping the page content at some point. What we’re doing might be considered as “hacky” 🙂

    Check out classes/category-taxonomies.php function template(), maybe something there?

    One thing you can definitely try is changing the priority of the filter to later on further up in the file.

    Hmm yeah I see $template = locate_template(array('page.php','index.php'),false); on line 33 which tells me that index.php is used because Thesis doesn’t have a page.php

    I also see the call to em_locate_template() on line 43 and I’m guessing I can use the em_locate_template filter to override with my own custom template…

    I’ll try that!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m sure that’s it. Somewhere along the lines, Thesis probably corrects itself, or reruns wp_query, as we mess about with the object this way.

    If you could email me the theme, I’d not mind having a look (if it’s something we can work on to make more compatible, we will!).

    The mail is support at the plugin site.

    Hi there, and firstly thanks for this excellent plug-in.

    I think I’ve been been having the same problem as Philipjohn – no matter what I do, it seems my theme overrides the Event Manager templates on category pages. This means events listed on a Category page are always shown as post archives. It’s only when I switch back to the Twenty Eleven theme that I can use the EM Formats and templates.

    I’ve searched these support forums, and found several people with similar theme-conflict problems, but there doesn’t seem to be any easy fix.

    Is this a bug? And is it coming from Event Manager, or my theme? (

    Who do I ask about this?

    need to ask your theme developer on how it handles custom taxonomies.

    some useful links

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