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  • Okey, now I have really tried to fix this problem on my own, but I’m totally STUCK so please help!

    I got the list of events to work really well with my design and all (I was then using formats). I also got the Events widget to work properly. The problem was that single events an categories used index.php (or single.php, page.php if I put them in my custom themes folder). And since I had a special layout in mind for these pages this wasn’t working. So I thought I should try using templates instead of formats, but this didn’t work.

    Then I thought maybe I had done something wrong and reinstalled the plugin.

    Now the situation is still the same, I can edit the events-list.php (I wrote HELLO! on the top and that showing, but if I try to do the same with event-single.php, single-event.php, category-single.php or categories-list.php there is nothing happening!

    So what am I doing wrong? Can someone please explain the process for me (in detail)?

    I would be very grateful for help, have struggled with this for some time now….

    Elisabeth 🙂

    I have copied the content of the folder ‘templates’ from plugin folder to my themes folder ( themes/mytheme/plugins/events-manager ).

    Here is my settings:

    General option:
    Events and categories is the only thing I needed so I only have active Enable categories? and Enable event attributes?.

    Page -> Event page:
    Display events as: Page
    Override with Formats? NO
    Enable Comments? NO

    Page -> Event List/Archives:
    Event page: Events
    Show events page in lists? Yes
    Display calendar in events page? No
    Show events search? NO
    Override with Formats? NO

    Page -> Event Categories:
    Categories page: Categories
    Show categories page in lists? Yes
    Override with Formats? NO

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  • I was stuck too!

    You need to find out where echo $EM_Event->output_single(); (from themesfolder…/plugins/events-manager/templates/event-single.php) goes to.
    In my theme it goes to loop-single.php
    What I ended up doing to track it down (because I don’t know much about how wordpress works) was write the file name on each theme file so I could see it if it showed in the browser (my site’s not live so I can do that).

    So for example, I changed

     * The loop that displays a single post.


    This is loop-single.php!!!<?php
     * The loop that displays a single post.

    That way I knew what php file was responsible for what.
    And editing loop-single.php did the trick for me because I just wanted to add something BEFORE the_content(); on a single events list page.

    Hi and thank U for answering 🙂

    I have found out that it is the index.php and single.php (don’t have a loop.php) who seems to control the layout of the events.

    But since I need the events list, single and category to look significant different from the blog (who is controlled by the index.php and single.php) I’m not sure how to proceed…

    Any ideas?

    How about trying a conditional statement?

    Put it on single.php and say something like

    if (is_front_page()) {
    //show this style
    } else {
    //show that style

    They do give some examples at the bottom of the Conditional_Tags page to help you out.


    Here’s one I’ve used a lot, because I want posts showing one way and custom type posts showing another way, is….

    if ( 'event' == get_post_type() ) {
    //show my events this way
    } else {
    //show my posts this way

    Hi thanks for answering and helping me (much appreciated), but I’m not sure if this is exactly what I’m after but I shall test it some more just in case :).

    I thought maybe I should explain my goals some more, so here it goes:

    These are the “templates” the events gets they’re layout from today: index.php( “blogg” ) and single.php ( “Blogg – Single” )

    My goals:

    1. Create an “event” list on my page-dykkerkurs.php template (picture; “Events” )

    2. Use the same template for my categories (with the only differences that it’s only shows “events” for a certain category. (picture; “Events” – Categories )

    3. Have a custom made single events template (picture; “Events” – Single )

    Three goals are all I have, and they should be fairly simple to achieve. But now I have struggled with this for quite some time and really need help solving this.

    Maybe I’m making it more difficult than it really are (would not be the first time) but I cannot wrap my brain around how to solve this. And that makes me kind of crazy!!

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