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    Two wierd ones…

    1. I can’t add events to groups. I have a similar problem as outlined here with the “No groups defined yet” but I can’t add an event to groups from the front or back end.

    I think this was working last week or the week before but not remembering when new releases came out, I can’t be 100%…

    Anyway, in the process of trying to downgrade the plugin, I ran into issue 2

    2. I can’t delete the plugin from the system. I’ve tried lots of scenarios, uninstalling, de-activating, manually removing the files from wp-content/plugins but nothing works. What is odd is that the plugin is still showing as installed (but not active) even when the events-manager folder is removed from the site via ftp.

    For what it’s worth, an earlier upgrade caused Event Manager to dissapear from the list of plugins, so I uploaded a new folder to the plugins directory and it started working again…

    I don’t know how much of this makes sense but its a very wierd one?!

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  • 1. Is this using the latest dev versions? seems to work fine on my test site; however can I ask if the Event admin is also the group admin because you are only allowed to attach the group you created/admin?

    2. what happens if you try to click Delete ?

    I have another wierd problem – when I try and update plugins – wordpress reports that they are upgraded but when I go back to the update page, they are still listed as the old version?!?

    Once I’ve sorted this, I’ll be back!

    Ok – problem 2 was due to moving host and getting a new IP – the plugin is now up to date and the development version ( is running…

    Even though I am an admin user and am the member of different groups etc. I still get no option to add an event to a group when I try to create a new event from the front or back end…

    I also can’t recall which version it was that was working…

    I just upgraded to 5.2.5 – still no joy with adding events to groups…

    At the moment, only group admins are allowed to attach events to a group;

    Ok – some success – group admins can attach events to a group in version but not in 5.2.5…

    I don’t know which version introduced the problem but this is some progress on my side…

    I’ll try and narrow down the versions in the meantime…

    Any ideas what might be the problem with the newer versions of the plugin? works fine… all the other newer versions don’t allow me to add events to groups?!?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    on 5.2.5, do you see a dropdown for groups?

    you’ve got some strange issues e.g. the delete problem which is probably caused by another plugin, have you tried deactivating other plugins whilst testing this? maybe it’s all related

    Hi Marcus,

    No, no dropdown on 5.2.5 but its fine on

    btw, the delete problem is a red herring and is no longer relevant. It was caused by me not realising the site had moved server. I was using the wrong ftp info to delete old versions etc. so nothing to worry about there.

    I have had a problem with W3 Total Cache though but other than that, it may be a conflict but given that it occurs on both the back and front end event creation forms, its a weird one…

    Plugin Author Marcus


    for me it works so it must be something on your side, especially if you’re an admin because they should see all groups now regardless of whether member or not.

    did you ever modify the templates? If so try renaming them to bring up the default ones

    Hi Marcus, this is an odd one… agreed re: admin…

    Re: modifying templates, I changed the theme to BuddyPress default and I still had the same problem? Am I right to think that the new, unedited theme would have been able to test the ‘modified templates’ successfully?

    Quick update – I’ve deactivated all the plugins apart from BuddyPress and Events Manager and the problem still exists?!? Hmmm… any more ideas?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    i’d have to go in myself and see… but unless many people get this I’d only be able check one-offs for pro users.

    No problem Marcus – understood – is working so that’s good for now

    btw, on a tangent, I’m thinking about the Pro version but one thing that would be cool is the ability to link the Pro version to the affiliate software I’m using…

    If Events Manager, or the Pro version had a plugin for the affiliates software, that would be very cool…

    Have you ever thought about integrating EMP into something like this?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Definitely, the question is when 🙂 I’m currently thinking of idevaffiliate due to its reputation and wide useage, but this would be sometime in 2013 for sure, given there’s a few other stuff that needs to be added beforehand

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