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[Plugin: Events Manager] Calendar Gone?

  • I built a site several months ago for a friend who teaches pole fitness, and used this plugin to create a calendar for her available time slots. She liked the way that the calendar displayed (a table/grid layout) on her events page, but she recently did the one click updates from the admin panel, and suddenly there is no calendar on her events page, just a post like list of events.


    The content of the events page is as follows. Isn’t “CONTENTS” supposed to be a placeholder for the grid layout calendar with events linked in the cells?

    Below are time slots that are available for your 1 hour private or group sessions.
    Studio hours of operation are Mon-Wed: 10am -  8pm, Thurs: 10am -  5pm, Fri & Sat: 12pm-5pm.


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  • Hi,

    Is the events page are set to display a calendar instead of a list?

    Pages Tab > Events List > Display calendar in events page? Yes

    Yes, that seems to be set correctly.

    Any other ideas?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    try saving your permalinks again

    also, make sure your page name etc. are correct, sounds like WP is overriding the page with a post-style archive

    finally, check your SEttings > Pages section to see if any of that may help

    Saved permalinks, checked all of the Events settings pages. Everything seems to be in order. For some reason now, clicking the “schedule” link results in the events page in the browser URL area, but it is actually displaying the content of the blog page.

    You can see what I mean here: http://www.thepoleacademy.com/

    And again, the event permalink is set to “events”, as I understood to be correct. The whole setup was working fine and displaying the calendar before 2 updates ago.

    Here is the exact content of http://www.thepoleacaddemy.com/events, as seen from the admin dashboard:

    Below are time slots that are available for your 1 hour private or group sessions.
    Studio hours of operation are Mon-Wed: 10am -  8pm, Thurs: 10am -  5pm, Fri & Sat: 12pm-5pm.
    Plugin Author Marcus


    the page you linked to is just a list of posts, do you have an events page?

    If it shows just CONTENTS, that means you haven’t chosen that page as the events page in Settings > PAges > Events List…

    Yes, the fact that it is showing the “blog” page is the issue now. Settings -> Pages -> Events List is set to the page titled “Available Times”, which exists, has the slug of “events”, and contains the content I quoted when viewed from the admin panel. I have no idea why http://www.thepoleacademy/events is displaying the content for the page titled “Blog”, which contains a list of blog entries that have nothing to do with the events plugin.

    Hold on, making a screenshot.

    Shot of the stuff in question on the Events -> Settings -> Pages screen

    And here is a shot of the “Available Times” page, which should be displaying at the /events URL, but isn’t for whatever reason

    thanks for the screens and will test this one and update you.


    okay, just tested this one and seems to be working..Did you try to set the events page in the settings? EM Settings > Pages > Events List...

    I don’t have a menu item in the sidebar labeled “EM Settings”. Should I?

    The closest I can see is Events -> Settings -> Pages, where the Events Page (under the expanded “Events Lists/Archives” section) is set to the page “Available Times”, as shown in this screenshot:

    And this is the “Available Times” page, as seen from the admin panel:

    But, as I posted earlier, the URL attached to the “Available Times” page (http://www.thepoleacademy.com/events) displays the content for the URL attached to a page titled “Blog” (http://www.thepoleacademy.com/blog) for some reason :/

    Plugin Author Marcus


    That’s right (your settings page)

    Did you try this on another theme to see if that’s the cause?

    OK, just tried with 2011. The http://www.thepoleacademy.com/events URL is displaying the events in that theme, but still as a list of posts, rather than a grid based calendar.

    Any ideas on what the issue with my theme might be? I believe that the only modification I made to the archive.php was to exclude the post type of “gallery” from display. It doesn’t look like anything was done to the page.php template.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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