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    we have a private blog where we want to share the list of Regsitered people like “Who else is comin’?”

    Booker | Amount | Booking date | Comment
    John Doe | 4 | 31/07/2011 14:45 | Not sure, maybe 3….
    John Ding | 1 | 15/07/2011 17:45 | I get beer

    – the columns could be configurable by shortcode attributes (will be hard when not using the [] notation but “#_”….). Default like above, perhaps without comments then.
    – sort fields and sort order should be defaulting to Booking date, DESC
    – there could be user interaction buttons
    – unconfirmed users should be handled “somehow” reasonably as well. (I’d say just put brackets around them or add another shortcode)

    I’d love this!


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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    you’ll probably want to look at making something custom for yourself. if we came up with something, it very well might require you to modify things yourself, and wouldn’t be far off from making your own placeholder override functions.

    Thanks for the reply

    Of course I can find my own way through the code. Just could be useful for others as well. I think it is a use case that can also be observed at when you have a event planned and check the participation. On creation of those Events you can specifiy, if users can see the other bookings and the names or only anonymised name entries.

    Fine then, I check for the related code snippets to generate the data list trying to apply some choice of templates or column control:
    [bookerlist columns="column 1, clum2" | template="full|namedate|..."]

    Let’s see how I do 😉

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    it would just be so much easier for you just to override a template or create a custom placeholder. it’ll provide much more control than something like this could. using objects and the right functions (see for example how the attendees placeholder is handled)

    will add more attendee info in a placeholder but will probably have more to do with custom attendee fields i’ll be adding soon (pro).

    I’ve done today a quick compromise that I will make a bit more configurable somehow later, but serve my purpose for the moment.

    I am overriding the attendees.php placeholder as described in readme.txt:

    1. Placing attendees.php file in theme folder (I’d prefer my own plugin folder)
    2. Have only a include to my plugin’s attendees.php placed there
    3. Re-using the csv export code to generate a table which is then displayed in the event details settings for #_ATTENDEES
    4. Added some check if bookings are available

    So, I got what I want for now. If I could avoid the theme placement, then it would be perfect.
    Thanks for your input


    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    thing is, I think what you’re doing is the right way. that’s what I’d do (and prefer to do)

    I may add more meta options to the placeholder, but your way offers fine grained control over a placeholder that just shows a ul list of attendees.

    if you don’t want it in your theme, you can even override it and make it a plugin/mu-plugin

    Sure. Eventually I will go through my plugin and see what can be cropped out as a plugin to be shared,, but I just started a few weeks ago to become more serious in WP and to understand the concept.

    The reason for my approach not being a [] shortcode, yet. is that I noticed that the usage of a [] shortcode in the settings of EM made the stuff appear in the very beginning of the event page. Only using an existing #_ placeholder placed itself where I had put it. I did not look in detail’s (should do!) how to implement a #_ placeholder. If that is actually straight forward, I may just add my own, then.


    I could finally automatically copy the needed file to the themes folder so this would conclude the topic here, but be my guest if the look can be made configurable from settings. But on the other hand, perhaps you are right if the approach I have done is the cleanest as this may be a too individual requirement (to format the attendees table)

    Thanks, cu around!

    Hi All,
    I need the same. but having some issue.
    [events_list_grouped mode=”daily” date_format=”l – F j, Y”]
    I am placing this code to Events > Setting > Formats/Layouts > Events Format in second box “Default event list format”. But it is showing the same for all navigation pages.

    for all the pages it is repeating the 10 list of events.

    Please let me know where and in which box need to place this code??
    [events_list_grouped mode=”daily” date_format=”l – F j, Y”]


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