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  • Hi there,

    I just updated to the latest version of Events Manager 4.0.6 after having used the old ones 3.x for a long time and I’m a bit confused about the bookings.

    Is there any way people can book a place without registering? If so, is there any way to remove the login form on the right hand side of the bookings form?

    Also, I’m having some problems with the bookings. These are my booking settings:

    Approval Required? Yes
    Single ticket mode? Yes
    Show unavailable tickets? No
    Reserved unconfirmed spaces? No
    Show multiple tickets if logged out? No
    Allow overbooking when approving? No
    Allow guest bookings? Yes

    In my event I have set up one ticket, with number of tickets to 10 (just to test), no price (free) and no time restrictions on booking.

    What I see is the form and SPACES say N/A and when I submit the form I always get this error “You must request at least one space to book an event”. You can check it out here:

    My aim is:

    – Have the booking form without the login bit on the right.
    – Users don’t need to register to book
    – Don’t show the spaces available
    – Users can only book one space at a time

    Any help would be very appreciated.

    Thanks a lot for this awesome plugin!

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  • I too would like to know if there is away to allow GUEST booking without requiring them to fill out my custom register form. We did not require registering too book before 4.0 in any of our events, so now that this has changed, it had put us in a little bind… 😐


    What I see is the form and SPACES say N/A and when I submit the form I always get this error “You must request at least one space to book an event”.

    Same error for me, users cannot book for any events 🙁

    I was having this same problem but I noticed the “available from & to” dates that I entered had erased. Once I put the dates back in, a drop-down for the Spaces showed up. But… the Price field disappeared.

    Apart from the missing price field, I was able to complete a test booking (once logged out of Admin), and it seems that everything worked properly. I’d still like to get it to show the price.

    Thanks for your answer. The thing is, as you mentioned, when I put the “available from/to” dates they never get saved. I have tried saving a hundred times… existing and new events and it doesn’t work.

    Please help! 😉

    By the way I’m using WordPress 3.2.1 and Event Manager 4.13

    Did anyone find a fix to this problem? I have the same problem… “You must request at least one space to book an event.”

    But I don’t see the place where dates are not being saved. I have dates in the “edit” area for the event and it is saving my date.

    The funny thing is that this is the only post I’ve been able to find about this problem. I want to move on, but I feel like I’m so close.

    Your help is appreciated.

    Hi, this is what I found and it is working for me:

    1) Go to Events tab in your dashboard
    2) Go to Settings
    3) Go to Booking & Ticketing Options
    4) The last question in this section: Display login form? set it to no.

    This will remove the login form and the need to register first.


    I searched for a resolution to this but can’t seem to find one. I have a similar problem, but slightly different.

    I have the event added and enabled for bookings. I have completed the booking&ticket option settings with all fields set = ‘Y’ except display login form = “N” because I dont want to require people to login to book the event.

    On the events page in the Bookings/Registration area, the from & to dates keep disappearing each time I submit the form.

    In addition, when I logout to test the booking, I don’t see the form on the events page to make the booking. What do I need to do to make this work correctly? I have tried everything I know and I can’t seem to resolve the issue

    I have a different problem. Everything seems to work fine… except…
    that I am not able to save a ticket price. When I attempt to “submit ticket” after having specified a price, and I re-open the book to edit it, the ticket price has returned to zero.
    In addition (and I suspect as a consequence of the problem above), when I open the event and attempt to make a booking, there is no data under the headings “Ticket Type Spaces”. As a result, when I send my booking (as a participant), I get the error message: “You must request at least one space to book an event.”
    So… why will it not allow me to specify and save a ticket price?

    Small correction… “there is not data under the headings “Ticket Type Price Spaces”…

    A sample of the problem can be found at:


    Okay, so now the price can be saved (seems that it needs to be entered as XX.xx without a currency symbol). But the really big problem is that the entire booking form does not show up on the event page. The placeholder is specified correct in the settings (I never changed the default). Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

    I have just updated the Events Manager plugin to v 4.171. The only improvement I notice is that the column headings in the Bookings form are now tabbed properly (which suggests, perhaps that the form is there, but the functionality of displaying data and allowing the user to request a booking is not working).
    Would really appreciate help from someone that knows about this or has experienced a similar problem. Thx.

    Hi there, I’m using WP 3.3, BuddyPress 1.5.2 and Events Manager 4.305 and I have the same problem when somebody wants to send a booking: “You must request at least one space to book an event”. And under “Spaces” it shows N/A.
    The other problem after I as admin Approve an event the member who created it receives an email what is good, but I don’t get any notification email when somebody create a new event, so I can’t Approve it or Delete it right away.
    Any comments/help will be appreciate. Thx. Martin

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