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    I have tried everything, but under the Bookings header, it always says BOOKINGS ARE CLOSED FOR THIS EVENT.

    Is this because I am using the FREE version? If so, should I upgrade to the PRO version, will this issue go away?

    Please let me know. The events I have are all one-time events, with starting dates and times a month from now, so it can’t be a conflict.

    Art Javid

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  • do you have a sample link? and also, have you check the event date and time?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    free has no limiting effect on functionality like this. pro just adds extra features e.g. online payment for the bookings, custom forms, etc.

    usually this happens because:

    – your event has started already (check your timezone settings in WP General settings).
    – your tickets have maxed out due to capacity or date limitations
    – your bookings cut-off date is past.

    Hi Marcus – you can find my events here:

    I checked all the variables you mentioned, and they are all correct (at least I think). Please click on the first event in the list (coming up in a day or two in Texas).

    The booking section still says its closed (so I put a button on top for now directing people to another website to book).

    If you don’t mind, I can set you up with an Editor account, and give you a password to see what I am doing wrong? I know it’s too much to ask and you are very busy, but it would help me out tremendously.

    I am doing to purchase the PRO version because the client wants to accept payments online, so let me know if I should purchase that first so in case you do decide to login and tweak things, you don’t have to do it twice.



    How about your event ticket Start date of ticket availability and End date of ticket availability?


    Start date of ticket availability = 16/05/2012
    End date of ticket availability = 17/05/2012
    Result : Bookings are closed for this event.

    I have the exact same issue. It worked fine for a “single” event. I then discovered how to create “recurring” events. I deleted the single event and then created it as a weekly “recurring” event.

    I now have two issues:
    1) shows nothing
    2) results in “RSVPs are closed for this event” (I modified it via Settings to display RSVPs versus “Bookings”)

    All other events in the recurring set result in similar manner (e.g. )

    The following settings are in place:
    Recurrences span from 05/09/2012 to 07/25/2012
    Ticket Start Date – 05/03/2012
    Ticket End Date – 07/25/2012
    Total Spaces – 1000
    Booking Cut-Off Date – 07/25/2012

    Any advice or ideas?

    Many thanks,


    All of my events start in the future, with correct start and end times. I also made sure there are 100 open seats, but the booking is still closed.

    Marcus – any way you can log into my account to see if its me doing something wrong, or a setting is throwing off the booking? Thanks.

    This post was way too old but can you still try it?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    can you post a link to an image with your event booking settings (i.e. tickets, cut-off date and spaces) and a link to the event?

    Guys; Is this fixed?. Need to know the solution for it.

    Now i’m facing this problem. No matter what you do it always says “Bookings are closed for this event”. I tried to add now events which has correct dates (like event dates, start dt, end dt, booking cut off dt, etc and also set my time zone); but nothing fixes this error. We are organising one event this month end, looks scary now!, pl help.

    If you want to look at these pages, i can provide login id’s for you, pl let me know.

    I upgraded to latest version, it started working!!

    Problem still exists for me. Booking for recurring events only work, when you change the start date after each event has passed. If the start date for the recurring event is in the past, all booking for upcoming events become closed.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    you’d need the dev version, however, this won’t fix previously created events, you need to delete that cut-off date or assign a future date, so that they are recreated.



    We had a similar problem: Bookings for every instance of a recurring event closed at the start of the first instance. Here is how we fixed it:

    • Update the plugin
    • Go to individual upcoming events
    • DETACH the individual event so that you do not lose existing bookings (as you would if you editing the recurring event).
    • Edit the Bookings cut-off date (in Bookings/Registration)

    We love the plugin. Hope this helps someone else.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    Good point.

    Touching on the above solution, if you have e.g. the first event that started accepting bookings, but the others probably have no bookings (since it was closed from the start), detach only the first event so you don’t lose bookings, and edit the recurring template to recreate all the other events.

    this should be fixed now so doing this would set the other events right.

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