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  • Plugin Author Marcus


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    are you using multisite by any chance?

    If you look at wp_em_events, e.g. the row with post_id = 1196, deleting that should make the blank row go away.

    This would be caused by something else, not an update, because EM doesn’t delete anything when updating (or at any point without you requesting it). The event got deleted somehow from your wp_posts table which is why there’s no further info on the event.

    Hi Marcus, I deleted some rows and the problem is solved.

    Thank you very much!

    * I’m not using multisite.

    I’m having the same issue.

    There are 3 event items that appear on the site with no title, description or location and which give the date Jan 1, 70. These events don’t appear in the dashboard or in the database. The event can’t be selected in order to delete it.

    It is a multisite instance, but Events Manager isn’t network activated (this is because our main site isn’t site 1 and shared tables was causing a problem).

    Any ideas?

    misfist, I was having similar issues with those “ghost” events showing up in my widgets, and I looked at both the _em_events and _posts tables, and did not find anything out of the ordinary. So, I added a condition to show only events from a certain category (rather than the default=0), and that removed the ghost events from displaying. I still want to know what is causing the ghost events from displaying though. I do like a good mystery…

    Plugin Author Marcus


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    I wrote this to @purplepatriot in another post

    maybe that helps.

    if you were using multisite and switching between global modes etc. maybe you created events on sub-blogs that consequently don’t exist on wp_posts when you change to non-global tables

    Is there a way to skip events older than a specific date using the [events_list] shortcode?

    yes, you can try search attribute scope e.g. [events_list scope=”future”]

    Event Search Attributes

    Agelonwl, but I have a ghost event (01/01/1970) in the past events list.


    I wonder if I could list past events older than a specific date (eg. older than year 1971).

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    that wouldn’t help, the blank event in your wp_events table would be the event betwen the 20-11 and 13-11, but it has a valid date. EM is trying to parse the date from a non-existent post, so it shows 1970

    Oh… OK Marcus.
    I’┬┤ll try re-checking the database.
    Thanks anyway.

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