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  • using phpmyadmin, have you tried checking table wp_em_events for unknown events?

    about locations:
    in this case i was the one that erased the 3 locations as admin cause a new user that knows little about posting (i found out that wp is not so friendly for multiusers), he tried to create his location 4 times (and for my bad news, he succeed!) and when i found out that, i erase them but i saw that they were still in the lists but blank…

    about events:
    i dont think is an unknown event, system is really reading the events page within the events list if i click on the post title

    i can do the phpadmin thing, but that will not help for long,
    cause as i said, my website, is a multiuser, so subscribers are the ones that do and erase locations and events as u can see…

    so ill need a better fix soon even if the phpadmin thing works,
    thanks, ill let u know…

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    if you can reproduce new events with this error after deleting the offending ones let us know, normally that doesn’t happen, i’m guessing it’s a one-off for you whilst installing the default events

    yes… yesterday i posted 2 new events with one of the normal locations… but i notice that in default location field in admin settings, i can set one of the blank locations as defaul…

    btw, in the select default location setting page, i can see this:
    loc1 loc2 loc3 blank4 loc5 etc
    but in my locations admin list there’s no blank location

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    did you double check your wp_em_locations/events tables?

    from the sounds of it, given your other posts, something went wrong whilst trying to set up the default pages and add some sample events. If you delete the offending values from these tables the problem should go away.

    at that point you probably want to set a new default location as well

    about sql, i know nothing btw, i just have a db manager plugin

    ok… about the events/locations problems im having
    this is what i find:

    im having problems with the permalinks of ur plugin:

    plugin requires permaslugs fields to work…
    if i remove them… whole wp fails

    this is what happens about assigning a wp page
    to events and location archive section

    if i dont set a page…
    – location shows nothing
    – events works fine but shows no page title

    if i set a page to them…
    – location shows locations (with the locations problem im having)
    – event shows events (showing itself, the event page, inside post list)

    if i create a page for events
    it works but only shows formats active
    and cant turn off option (even its showing its off)

    if the page i create in wp manager has the same slug
    as the permslugs of the plugins its a new conflict
    and posts dont even open in single mode

    categories slugs have the same problem

    i had to turn off ur category manager and leave my posts with no categories for a lot of reasons:

    1) those cats are on a different table in the sql
    2) if i name a category the same as one of my owns,
    creates a conflict with the posts style and turnes off wp styles
    3) if i click on that category, it doesnt show em posts, just originals
    4) if i do a new category just for the events regarding mines
    events keeps showing without wp styles

    and a bigger problem is coming to me…

    if i have to reinstall plugin and delete sql tables to make sure that the probles was me, ill lose all events and locations i already entered
    and that is not funny :S


    btw, the 1970 event disappeared by selecting none page for events in archives section and posts at last are showing with wp styles but because i dont have a page set to it, the events page has no title on it.

    locations… cant find anything to restore them as they were


    but again.. all this resumes that plugin has a problem with permalink slugs as i can see… cant do any further to give you more info about my issues, sorry

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    permalink slugs are required, you need a value, wuether it’s “a” or “events” that’s the way WP custom posts work.

    with regards to categories, our categories are normal wp taxonomies, they’re stored in wp tables, unless you use multisite mode and global tables in which they are stored additionally in an index table for cross-site queries. however, it’s not wp categories, it’s a custom taxonomy.

    if you don’t select an events page, you can still see events by going to single events and then use shortcodes/widgets to display the lists, the event/location/category pages are just a way of displaying a list if you choose not to then you have other ways to do it manually


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