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    I spend some hours trying to work with EM anonymous event submission but seems I’m doing something wrong, or EM doesn’t works well with anonymous events…

    The problem:
    A page with [event_form] code seems to work well, in fact it works if you are logged in, but if you try to submit any event without login, EM generates an event without location and “Map unavailable”.

    Very similar to this case.

    After some tests, I have finished with one little WP 3.3.1 with TwentyEleven (default) theme and only this plugin. It seems a very standard installation, But still not working.

    I tried to grant all available permits inside “user capabilities” too, but does not work. My Guest Default User is Admin, I have not changed this.

    Is this a known bug? Is anonymous event working for someone?

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  • Am going to test this and update you.

    I am having a similar issue.
    The submit form simply displays:
    “You must log in to view and manage your events.”
    I have the option: Allow anonymous event submissions? set to yes.

    @daiv Mowbray

    do you have a sample link?


    agelonwl, have you tried this?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    this should be fixed in 5.1.6, but you probably shouldn’t use admin as your event submission default owner anyway.

    I advise you provide a dummy user for this that noone uses to log in with.

    Thanks Marcus, now works 🙂

    plugin Version 5.1.6
    WP version 3.3.1
    this project is still in development but access to the submit event page is active for now:
    I have added a default user for the event to be assigned to, and it is configured as such.
    Not that you’ll gain much info from there.

    Maybe I’ll just force user registration for the submit events function.

    @daiv Mowbray

    Found these errors on your site:

    jQuery is not defined
    syntax error
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

    Try to check your theme settings or how it loads jquery.

    After all, anonymous event submission still without generating locations correctly. I think the url generation of every new location created isn’t correct.

    It generates (example) http://localhost/locations for all cases instead of http://localhost/locations/location-name


    Thanx for having a look.
    My theme is fine, validates html5 and does a proper get_header.
    I do have Better WordPress Minify plugin. which is presently turned off.
    I still have the same result:
    “You must log in to view and manage your events.”

    I will leave anonymous event submission disconnected when this project goes live.
    It’s not a game breaker for me.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    I see how you’re getting this. This is more of a useability bug, because ideally the events manageement forms users can see should show as a submit form to guests if anon event submissions are available.

    You can probably get this working with [event_form], but I’ll look at making the form appear on that page too to avoid duplicate pages.

    Hi, I’m having this same problem. Reading the replies above leaves me baffled, especially the last answer by Marcus – is it even supposed to be possible to submit new events without logging in?

    I’ve enabled “Allow anonymous event submissions” and placed the [event_form] shorcode in a page, but I still get a “You must log in to view and manage your events.” when trying to access that page.

    @daniel Koskinen

    Did you assign a user with subscriber role to “Guest Default User” at settings > general > event submission forms together with “Allow anonymous event submissions? – Yes” then check user capability edit_events at settings > general > user capabilities ?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    this should be working now though… your issue is probably different to this

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