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    i think this is kinda feature request, cause i didn’t find a way to allow public users to submit events through a form or something. is there an easy way to implement such a feature? or at last planned in a new version of events manager? it also would be nice then to approve/reject submitted events and have mandatory fields configured in the admin area and so on. but first of all a form that simply submits events to events manager would be great!

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    this sort of functionality is in the works already. this sort of behaviour will be coming soon.

    Edit: Just realized a beta was added… silly me. However I cannot get the guest form to show up. I have enabled anonymous submissions, and assigned them to a new anonymous user. The shortcode however, still produces nothing. When trying to use the template tag I get an undefined function error.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    are you logged out ninja?

    I hadn’t even considered that – yes it works fine after logging out. Thank you. Any possibility of adding a feature to allow logged in users to see/use the same form for idiots like me? 🙂

    Plugin Author Marcus


    haha, yes, it’s the plan eventually


    This is an phenomenal plugin and is by far the easiest plugin I have ever found for customization, as well as the features that can be enabled right from the setting s panel.

    I too, am interested in allowing logged in users to post events. I was wondering if you might be able to point me in a direction as I’m trying to figure out what needs to be edited to allow this to happen.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    Plugin Author Marcus



    the form needed is the same form as used by BP for adding events. It probably doesn’t require much fiddling, since BP doesn’t add extra permissions for adding an event, i’d bet if you can get the form to show up, it’ll just work,

    /templates/forms/event-editor.php i belive


    You were right, it worked like a charm. If you ever need a kidney, I want you to come to me first.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    most original thank you 🙂

    Hi Guys,
    Great Plugin! Im really happy with it. I just have one problem: I’ve been trying to add a recurring event as a visitor from the front end, but I always get an error. If it’s not recurring, then is is fine. Can you point me in the right direction so I can fix this?



    what error you are getting?

    Hi guys, this is the message I get:
    “You do not have permission to edit others events

    Something went wrong with the recurrence update…There was a problem saving the recurring events.

    You do not have permission to delete others events”

    Any ideas?

    Also, I would like to allow visitors to update an image with it. The plugin already gives that option on the back end, but any idea on how to allow that on the front end?

    And it seems like the front end form is not sending the coordinates of the map to the database. I see the location on the map and everything when filling in the form, but when submitted, it saves 0 and 0 for longitude and latitude.

    Any thoughts?

    You can change the permissions in EVENTS>SETTINGS to allow the permissions that you need.

    To fix the map, I just added this code to the form:

    <div class=”inside”>
    <input id=’location-latitude’ name=’location_latitude’ type=’text’ value='<?php echo $EM_Location->latitude; ?>’ size=’15’ />
    <input id=’location-longitude’ name=’location_longitude’ type=’text’ value='<?php echo $EM_Location->longitude; ?>’ size=’15’ /></div>

    If you don’t want the coordinates fields to display on the form just add style=”visibility: hidden;” to the <div> tag.

    Hope this helps

    I was wondering about the Images as well. The plugin allows for ‘placeholders’ so I think that might be a place to start. If I figure it out I’ll post it.

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