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  • I just wonder if there is possibility to Add the Add Event Button next to Events list’s and how to do it. Also is there a way to add location/choose location be at the add event form not as another form ?? If someone is adding EVENT and the location isn’t there than the infos added to form after clicking add location is lost. This is stupid.

    And why the map shows paces not events ??

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    it would be the case of adding a link styled with CSS to the appropriate page.

    @dellos – if have the same thing, but I figured out how to do it, but I think its messy in some way but it works fine. I just edit and merged the event-editor and location-editor under templates/forms/

    I just copy the location form (don’t include the <form></form> tags just the other location forms and remove the list options (for locations) in the event form and the google map inside the location form. I hope this is a big jump for you. 🙂

    When creating an event, the location is created with a bad owner id.
    My id is 3 and the location owner id is always 0.???

    did you change anything in the code?

    I admin, but my id is 3.
    In em-location.php (in classes), there is a test that forces the id to zero and I will remove it.

    editing EM core files might affect other functions.
    Are you using the latest version?

    I use the latest version.
    The change works well

    that’s great then.

    Yes, but again the change of version!

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    @brigerard thanks for pointing out the bug. will look at this and fix on monday most probably (at least in the dev version).

    Plugin Author Marcus


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    updated in the dev version already

    @brigerard, did the following:

    $this->owner = ( $this->owner > 0 ) ? $this->owner:0;

    $this->owner = ( $this->owner > 0 ) ? $this->owner:get_current_user_id();

    on line 127, did you do anything else?



    Would it be possible to create an event without location?
    I put a location anywhere and I remove it from the list of locations below.

    Excuse my English, I use a translator!



    not possible at the moment.

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