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    Not sure if anyone has had this issue – a bug I’ve come across on a multi-site instance of WordPress 3.4.1 using Events Manager 5.2.3…

    Whenever I save Settings for Events Manager, my selected “Events page” (Settings > Pages > Event List/Archives) throws a 404.

    I tried resetting permalinks, changing the selected page and the template, and also enabling the default Twenty Eleven theme to ensure this wasn’t a theme issue, but I was still getting a 404.

    I temporarily resolved the issue by changing the slug of the desired page, but every time I saved settings in Events Manager I got the same issue, and would have to change the slug again – however, I noticed that the page was also a child page (not top level parent) – I set up a test with a top level parent page and that seemed to work fine. Is this is an issue with setting the “Events page” to a child page, perhaps?

    Thought this might help out anyone else who is having similar issues, and give the plugin devs a heads-up.


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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    There are some pro users with this issue (are you using MultiSite btw?), we’re trying to get to the bottom of it.

    I’m still not convinced it’s EM, I’m suspecting another plugin conflict.



    Hi Marcus, thanks for the quick reply.

    I am using MultiSite, I tried disabling/re-enabling plugins on that specific multi-site instance and this seemed to have no effect on the situation unfortunately. It might be a conflict with one of the plugins we have enabled across the board on our multi-site setups (mainly for debugging, e.g. Debug Bar).

    This issue is resolved for me, as I’ve done some re-arranging of my templates in terms of page depth. I can post a list of plugins we have activated if you need a reference in terms of dealing with this issue – just let me know.


    David Hunt


    I’m having similar issues with the Events page being a child Page, so at Marcus’s suggestion, am keeping an eye on this thread.

    Happy to help with narrowing down the bug by providing plugin-lists and whatever else is needed.

    I’m not using MultiSite.



    I am having the same experience. Using 5.2.3 & 3.4.1, Multi-site, only activated on main blog. Submitted error under EM Pro support but I did not make the child connection until reading this post.

    I deactivated all plugins and switched to 2011 and can confirm that, if page is a child with these versions, you get the same behavior. If everything is deactivated, Events page is child, it has a new slug/name (other than one it previously had before 404), the page only resolves correctly until EM is activated and that page is identified as Events page, then 404. At that point, deactivating EM won’t even resolve the 404. You have to change the page name again.

    Once I remove the page as a child, no problems, all works well. Passing along to Marcus as I agree that plugin conflicts are normally the issue but I’ve literally tried deactivating everything and going back to base (and every other iteration over the past 48 hours) believing I had someone produced the err through my actions.

    As always, thanks for a TREMENDOUS event management plugin, far and away the best, and let me know if I can help in the process. Will post back under EM Pro Support as well.



    @meadeiator: if you want to disable EM and keep the page as a child, you can make it work again by visiting Permalinks in settings and saving; this refreshes the URL rewriting list, which is the problem here.

    David Hunt


    New version of EM (5.2.4) seems to have fixed this particular bug. I’ve set my Events List page as a child page, and have not received any 404s for the last few days. Thanks for the hard work, Marcus!

    This still isn’t fixed, at least not for me.

    There is definitely a permalinks issue. Here’s the link:

    One problem (which I have no control over) is that the site is hosted by Yahoo. So there’s no re-writing of .htaccess, which means all kinds of hoop-jumping to get any kind of permalinks at all. Best I can get is UGLY!

    So I create a page for the events listing (called “Workshops” in this case), and it 404s on me. If I turn off pretty permalinks, then it works.

    Am I missing something, or is there no way to have pretty permalinks AND a working events page?

    Thanks for the attention.


    maybe you need to ask your host about url rewriting; also, did you try to change permalink settings at Events > Settings > Pages > Permalink Slugs ?

    @agelonwl: “maybe you need to ask your host about url rewriting”. I don’t see any hope in getting a positive response from Yahoo. I’d have more hope in getting the client to choose a different host, but she’s already spent the money with Yahoo, so we’re stuck with it for now.

    “did you try to change permalink settings at ….” Yes I did. No joy.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    @purplearth I suggest you start a new thread, this is old and resolves a different problem entirely.

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