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[Plugin:Events Manager] Issue with locations/events not showing

  • Hi,

    I’ve been having issues with Events Manager since upgrading today. My site is still in development, so after having a bunch of issues starting with maps not showing, then a “headers” error message, I decided to delete the plugin, delete the em db tables, delete the pages and start from scratch.

    I get the following error message when activating the plugin:

    The plugin generated 338 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

    Then, when I go ahead and use it, none of the pre-loaded events show, and when I try to publish events manually, I get the following error message:

    There were some errors saving your location.

    Your event details are incorrect and cannot be published, please correct these errors first:

    Something went wrong saving your event to the index table. Please inform a site administrator about this.

    As with everything, this is time sensitive – so I’m kind of freaking out. Any idea what’s going on?

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  • update: when I deactivate the plugin, there is an error message in wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 133.

    This is the code:

    // If the file doesn't already exist check for write access to the directory and whether we have some rules.
    	// else check for write access to the file.
    	if ((!file_exists($htaccess_file) && is_writable($home_path) && $wp_rewrite->using_mod_rewrite_permalinks()) || is_writable($htaccess_file)) {
    		if ( got_mod_rewrite() ) {
    			$rules = explode( "\n", $wp_rewrite->mod_rewrite_rules() );
    			return insert_with_markers( $htaccess_file, 'WordPress', $rules );
    	return false;

    So I figured it might be a permissions issue, but I set permissions to 755 and the problem still exists.

    Ok. I did some scouring of the forums/internets and turns out the above issue has nothing to do with Events Manager.

    I still had the db issue though and found this

    Events gone after upgrading? Read this!

    This fixed it.

    thanks for updating with your solution 🙂

    I followed the instruction in the link above but it falls down when asking me to update the wp-admin/options.php file. Says “visit yourwordpresssite.com/wp-admin/options.php and find an input box named ‘dbem_version’, you should see a number greater than 5, set it to 4.9.”

    Problem is that the options file doesnt contain that field

    It must do if you have Events Manager installed and activated at one point in time. Otherwise you have a bigger problem.

    @marcus I have just loaded a fresh install of WP 3.3.1 with Events Manager plugin 5.0.51 as the only active plugin. When I look at the wp-admin/options.php file there is no mention of dbem_version. Are we talking about the correct file?
    BTW I added a location with no problem even though I have uppercase in my db prefix or is that only an issue on upgrades?

    @marcus. I have this same problem on another site so decided to change the db prefix to be lowercase. EM now works but only after doing a settings reset. However, although I now have a post_id column again all of my events have gone. I am assuming that your fix above won’t get my events back either – am I right?

    thing is, it doesn’t matter uppercase/lowercase until you get dbem_version to show up in your options table (more specifically than that page, you need to check wp_options table)

    we save the dbem_version option using wp functions, so it pretty much HAS to be there, otherwise, EM is never finishing installing for some reason.

    OK that I can find. Not happy changing WP Core though as I know that somewhere a kitten will die!
    All working again Cheers.

    Ok, so I have this exact problem with unexpected output. This happens after I move the installation from one server to another using WHM transfer manager. I’ve tried to uninstall and completely remove EM before move, then reinstall fresh on the new server, but the same thing happens. I’ve also tried ALL the methods described and linked to above, but nothing makes any difference. What is happening here? Any help?

    I’m running latest WP install as of this date, latest EM version.

    Any help is appreciated.

    your issue is probably related to your move and wp settings, but probably not related to this

    Ok, so uninstalling clearly leaves something behind. I’ve uninstalled from wp backend, and removed tables from the DB. What else is there to remove?


    you can also try to use reset at EM Settings > General > Admin Tools > Reset; also; turn-on WP_DEBUG to see if there’s any other error.

    @jonasbonas I’d start a new thread then, your issue is probably not related to this.

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