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    I’ve installed this plugin and checked every single page of the settings repeatedly and nothing works at all. The page is created for Events, but nothing else. The page is never visible to the public no matter what setting I use and the registration function does nothing no matter what I do and the event is listed as “free” no matter how many times I enter the dollar amount or how many ways I enter it. And when I try the plugin as a widget all I get is a blank event calendar with no event listed just a highlighted date – so if an event is a month or two in the future, no one will ever see it or know they can register in any way and if they go to the Event page they still won’t be able to register or pay.

    I’ve spent hours on this trying to make it do anything other than create a new page and none of the functions advertised work or even show up. When I searched through the forum there is no information to help and the installation instructions are clearly incomplete. Time would have been better spent just creating a new page with links and creating a page with PayPal registration or Eventbrite links for payment and registration and putting the text links into a widget or page and being done with this hours ago.

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    As said:
    Please read the official doc at
    and register at the official forum at for any issues. Also read the tips/faqs on the doc site and on the forum.

    In your case: you need to play around with the format settings and add shortcodes to regular wordpress pages to show events the way you like them. See here for all possible shortcodes:

    For the registration form to appear: you need to put the correct placeholder in the format settings. See here for a list of all possible placeholders for event formatting:



    The big mystery for me was solved once I realized how much power the little “Default single event format” box has over the operation of Events Made Easy. We have no need for Eventbrite or its ilk, and we maintain control of our event planning, registration, and payments.

    Once you (a) designate an Events page (it’s a PLACEHOLDER only) and then (b) customize the contents of that “Default single event format” box in the EME settings, you’re on your way.

    I’ve put out versions of my own settings before, which you might find helpful.

    <b><p style="float: left; width: 32%; text-align: left;">#D, #M. #j, #Y -- #_12HSTARTTIME to #_12HENDTIME</p>
    <p style="float: left; width: 60%; text-align: right;">#_LOCATIONNAME, #_ADDRESS, #_TOWN</p></b><div>&nbsp;</div>
    <div class="sep">&nbsp;</div>[events_if tag='#_IS_RSVP_ENABLED' value='1']<b>Look below for details, or register:         </b>#_PRICE each #_ATT{priceinfo}#_ADDBOOKINGFORM<div class="sep">&nbsp;</div> [/events_if]
    <div class="sep">&nbsp;</div>
    <div class="sep">&nbsp;</div>
    <b>Directions</b> (click "Get Directions"): #_DIRECTIONS
    <div class="sep">&nbsp;</div>
    <b>Event Categories:</b>  #_CATEGORIES
    <div class="sep">&nbsp;</div>
    [events_if tag='#_IS_LOGGED_IN' value='1']
    [events_if2 tag='#_IS_RSVP_ENABLED' value='1']
    <b>Attendees: (Only Visible to Staff)</b> #_ATTENDEES<div>&nbsp;</div><b>Availability:</b> #_BOOKEDSEATS seats booked, #_AVAILABLESEATS available<div class="sep">&nbsp;</div>[/events_if2][/events_if][events_if tag='#ESC_CATEGORIES' notcontains='Non-Org']<b>Event Contact:</b> #_CONTACTNAME, #_CONTACTEMAIL, #_CONTACTPHONE<div class="sep">&nbsp;</div>[/events_if]<div>
    Click #_ICALLINK or  <a target="_blank" href="{Ymd}T#H#_{i}00/#@_{Ymd}T#@H#@_{i}00&sprop=#URL_EVENTPAGEURL&location=#URL_ADDRESS,#URL_TOWN&details=#URL_LOCATION">Google Calendar</a> to add to your calendar.<div>&nbsp;</div></div>
    [events_if tag='#_IS_LOGGED_IN' value='1']
    #_EDITEVENTLINK this event listing<div>&nbsp;</div>[/events_if]

    If this plugin does anything at all that I can see, is it creates a page called Events and that’s all. I can more easily create a link in a text widget and link to a page on my site and then link it to an e-commerce platform for people to register. So…I’m sure this works as you say, but it’s a time issue. Maybe the instructions need to be clarified for easier use and set up. As it is now, I appreciate your kind response and I’m sure this works just fine with time and effort; but I am happier using my time to create a page, link to a text widget and set up e-commerce in that. it’s just easier than going through all this.



    Okay, to each his or her own. The useful part is that everything gets linked back to one calendar, you can display events and listings in multiple ways, there is automatic payment tracking, there are location maps, categories, notifications, etc., etc. And no 3rd parties taking cuts or restricting use. We publish our events and mirror them into posts, “tweets”, etc.

    Sure, in the end it’s a VERY fancy overlay on top of a PayPal button, but what isn’t? 🙂

    By the way, EME doesn’t “create a page called Events” either — you have to do that, and tell EME where it is. (Edit: or maybe it does; the FAQ says so, and it’s been a while since I installed; anyhow, the page is arbitrary.) Again, it’s just a blank placeholder, no configuration or content required on that page. In case you didn’t know, this started as a fork of another successful plugin called Events Manager. Good luck.

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