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  • Listen, I love this events calendar plugin. It is easily one of my favourites, so please keep up your great work, but, I am losing patience with having to edit the php code to change colors after every update. For example, the nominated “red” color for event days and current day etc, does not suit my site or theme. The removal of all style information from the code to the events-calendar.css would make updating this plugin much less painful.

    Thank you.

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  • +1000000
    I agree… Please create a style for each element and put it into the CSS file! Your app is fantastic but its very painful to style… pleassseee make this a priority.

    Author might even include an option to exclude CSS altogether, so that site admins can put the CSS directly in their theme’s style.css. That avoids an additional HTTP request at page load. 🙂

    I’d like to add my vote to removing the inline css. This almost completely ruins this plugin. Also, could someone list the changes they made to alter all of that garish red? I’ve edited every file with a find-replace on “red” and I’m still getting red event dates. Thanks!

    I have the same problem with that god forsaken red box around it…

    and I tried to style it, but no luck…

    Oh.. it should have been a question…
    Where in the events-calendar.css do you remove the red border ???

    I haven’t been able to find it, and I tried to change almost every line ….



    I haven’t been able to get rid of the red border with css in the css file. However, I did figure out where to change it. Open up ec_calendar.class.php and look for this line.

    $dayID = (“$month/$day/$year” == date(‘m/j/Y’)) ? ” id=\”today\” style=\”border:thin solid red;\”” : “”;

    change the red to what you want. hexidecimal will work. change the text color in the options in events calendar admin options.



    A separate CSS file or some way to override it would be great!

    I am using the newest events-calendar and found the styling embedded in the file called template-functions.php
    in lines 27,28 and 30.
    just delete all the styling in the div tag and its all good.
    great widget, the inline embedded styling really confused me though.

    Having same frustrations as everyone above. Particularly, in my widget calendar, days with events have the text color of red (no border, just the red text). I can’t find this anywhere…anyone have any ideas?

    I’m also having the same problems as chromezen. I went through and can’t find what’s controlling the bright red text. I’ve removed every instance of “color:red” in the JS files and looked for any hex codes, but no dice. Removing ALL the CSS does not affect the red text. What is controlling this?

    My only other thought is that the style is pulling from the default WordPress calendar. But that wouldn’t explain why I can see the color as red when inspected through firebug ( {color: red;)…thoughts?

    hey there. you want to look at the ec3.css file in the root of the event-calendar plugin directory.

    look for this css class around line 120.

    .ec3_list {

    i agree, the css for this needs to be more assessable. maybe if this (and all css for this plugin) were added to the appearance settings in wordpress it would be easier for people to find.

    I’m using the events calendar in the large-view. I’ve bin trying to set the calendar to a smaller fit in the page. This works for the table by adjusting the margin but it doesn’t works for the months above it. I can’t find the div “calendar_wrapLarge” in the css, in this div the months are located. Does anyone know where I can adjust this?

    @edward: appreciate the help but I think you’re referring to the wrong plugin. I’m using the EVENTS Calendar plugin…not the Event Calendar 3 plugin. Too similar, I know…

    I’m trying to make the current day of the month in the large calendar not show up as blue. I found that color in the css file, but when i change it… it’s still blue. It must be somewhere else also, but I don’t seem to be able to find it on the css sheet that changes the color of the event text and the top of each day. Anyone else know what needs to be changed to change the color of the current day on the large calendar?


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