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  • I’m not sure if it happened between 2.8 -> 2.8.1 or 2.8.1 -> 2.8.2, but when I upgraded, the large event calendar pagination links vanished.

    Anyone have an idea on a fix or should I go ahead and downgrade?


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  • Sorry. But this is a bug in WPEC which is currently compatible with WP only up to 2.6.1.

    Right now, we are working on fixing this. There will be 2 releases in the near ( and a bit less near (7.0) future. is aimed at taking take of being compatible with WP 2.8.x and addressing a few outstanding bugs.

    7.0 will bring lots of new features, including recurrence.

    A bit of history:

    WPEC was started by Luke Howell in 2007 with the help of Brad Bodine (URLs on the site). René Malka (a.k.a Heirem) came in at around the 6.5.x (in 2008) series to help and then took over to work on the next major release, e.g. 7.0.

    What that means is that the current release of the plugin was left as is and was only compatible up to WP 2.6.1. Some of you folks managed to make it work with the WP 2.7.x series and I even get the impression that a few made it work with the 2.8.x series. BUT, BUT, BUT, officially, the plugin stable version is only compatible with WP up to 2.6.1.

    But now, instead of having one (1) person behind the plugin, you have a team of five (5) people: Luke, René (heirem), Brad, Coe and little me, Louis (laplix). Again, URLs are on the official web site and, by the way, go read René’s blog if you want to know what’s coming.

    For my part, I have been working on the 6.5.2.x series and I will soon release an alpha version for testing by the community. I have also been monitoring our own forum. This is why I never thought to come here and answer threads about WPEC. And, for a while, I still won’t. I have enough work coding and managing our own forum and bug tracker. But rest assured that when the next releases are out and we get organized (please remember that we are a new team), we are going to monitor this forum.

    But the main place to be will always be our web site. The blog will be used for announcements, the forum for help and the bug tracker for bugs and improvements and new features.

    So, don’t be scared, don’t be shy, tell us what you need, tell us what you want and do tell us about your dreams…


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