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  • probably you did not click first on HTML?

    No, I have the same problem on my website, clicking forst on html.
    Could it be a Theme problem?

    I also have the same problem…

    Is it possible to just have the calendar on a page – without “making a post” exactly? Posts have a time/date – which looks dumb with a calendar…

    This has been fixed in the new version 6.6.x. Use [events-calendar-large] instead. It works in WP 3.0 also.

    Interesting the plugin description never mentioned this new way of posting the larger calendar … in fact, it continues to tell folks to use the old [[]] method.

    I agree with micklauer:

    i updated the plugin to 6.6.2, and wordpress to 3.0 tonight, and it stopped working, and started displaying the “old” way of getting the calendar to appear “[EventsCalendarLarge]”

    but it worked again once i started using “[events-calendar-large]” just edit the instructions 🙂

    thanks for a great plugin though

    I’ll get that changed. Those were some changes I didn’t make and I am still looking what needs to be changed. Thanks for the heads up.

    Snumb130, you still working on the issues?

    What I’m finding is this:
    1. Widget works fine including the hover/click/lightbox feature(With the 6.6.2 patch Byronrode did) you will need to modify the css to make it visible and look right though.

    2. The EVENTSCALENDARLARGE doesn’t work when making a page for the full calendar but using [events-calendar-large] does work (Again you have to redo the css to make if fit your needs.

    3. The LARGE calendar has an issue: clicking on the event of the large calendar doesn’t open up the event details. the hover shows.

    NONE of these worked just by installing the patch. I had to drop the “Event calendar” tables in the DB and reload a fresh install.

    I have a test site that I use for testing issues and site building for customers, so if it gets hosed I don’t worry too much and just reinstall fresh WordPress.

    Personally I’d love to see this plugin work like the older version did. Thanks for all yours and Byronrode’s help.

    I am working on this. Thanks for the concise list of issues. Thanks for the notes.

    [events-calendar-large] worked for me. Thank you for the post!

    I updated 6.6.2 to WP3.0 and the plugin stopped working, at least there are a few things that do not work, like hoovering on data with events and so on…. many bugs have already been addressed.

    WHEN will we have a version REALLY working with WP3.0?

    I can’t get the large page to show up with either [events-calendar-large] or [eventscalendarlarge] it just shows up as a visual. Is this updated or is it still malfunctioning

    That should be working. Please check for any typos.

    It’s not working for me either.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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