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  • I just installed the Events Calendar, and added one event, which is next month. I used an Events List widget, and it doesn’t list the date. Plus, the tooltip is messed up (it renders HTML code). The long calendar displays the current month, but unlike the calendar setup page, it doesn’t have any options for “next month” and “previous month.” Since the one event I added is in September, the calendar is completely blank. Additionally, the big calendar does not appear where I put it. I put it below the text on my “Upcoming Events” page, yet it appears above the text.

    Finally, and this is surely related to the various problems above, my site, which used to have both valid XHTML and CSS, now has numerous XHTML and CSS validation errors, all of which appear to come from the Events Calendar plugin.

    I’m using WP 2.6 and Events Calendar 6.4. An illustration of all of the problems above can be found on

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  • Same here, it seems that the way the plugin was coded was not focused on Xhtml validation, I fixed the CSS code thought.

    Validation is a concern, but the bigger concern is that the calendar simply doesn’t seem to work – the events list doesn’t display correctly, and the calendar view doesn’t let people look at months other than the current month. This plugin claims to do exactly what I want, but it seems that it simply doesn’t work, and that the author has discontinued support for it. (He’s looking for people to take his plugins over on his homepage).

    Edit: I see from his homepage that someone else has taken over the calendar plugin, and has released an unofficial update. Hopefully this will become “official” and the plugin will soon be updated on Hopefully these problems will also be addressed in a future version.

    I’m having a similar problem. I’ve installed Events Calendar and it seems to be working just fine. the calendar shows the form to enter an event is available and allows me to type in an event. But the event does not show. I’ve read through all the material I can find on the forum. I would appreciate any insight on what to do to get the plug in to work. Thank you.

    I tweaked the sidebar.css file in my theme to get the events list to display. It actually works well, although the xhtml validation is still a minor concern. You can check out the result at (hover about the events list)

    The code I used in the sidebar for the events list and calendar link is:
    (remove ticks first if you use this)

    <h2><strong>Upcoming Events</strong></h2>
    <?php SidebarEventsList(5);?>
    <li class="calendar"><a title="View Calendar" href="" target="_top">View Calendar</a> </li>

    Good luck …

    Oops … forgot to add that you need to edit the plugin script via the plugins option (edit) …

    Add the following code to the end of the script right before the ?>

    function SidebarEventsList($d){
    $calendar= new EC_Calendar();

    NashvilleRob, I see the plug in works on your site. But I am not able to get events to save. I enter an event on the admin page and press the add event button and the event is not saved. It is like the event disappears. Perhaps I should start a new thread for this question. I am at a loss. I like the way Events Calendar works on your site it is just what I want. shows the full page calendar. Thanks for your help.

    I had exactly the same problems as stated here. I was working with WP version 2.4.something. I installed the latest version of WP (2.6.something) and it worked as advertised, no issues.

    I’m using WordPress 2.6.1. Thanks.

    I am having similar problems. Currently I am running WordPress 2.6.1 and the latest version of Events Calendar. The calendar itself shows up fine and it highlights the current date, but the events do not show on the large calendar, widget, or widget list. However I can add events and the events appear on the admin side.

    Anyone have a fix?

    same problem here. event list doesn’t display properly. latest version of event calendar and wordpress.

    Help! about Events Calendar 6.4. I’ve already done this instructions below:
    1. Upload events-calendar folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/directory.
    2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
    3. Set options under Events Calendar/Options on the admin menu.
    When updating you will need to deactivate and reactivate the plugin.

    Also, this instructions because I want a large calendar post in my Schedule Page:
    The ability to add a large public calendar is now available by posting a page and adding “EventsCalendarLarge” to the page content to create a stand alone calendar page. Also, when entering an event from the admin section, you can check the box saying “Create Post for Event”, which will cause a post to be created with the event information.
    But the problem is, I’ve enter an event in the admin section of wordpress but in the page of my website, the events didnt show…
    I also delete the Events Calendar Plugins and download a new one and restore it to my wordpress admin same procedures but my problem didnt resolve. Please Help


    Your problem is probably the conflict with the cForms plugin. (There is also a conflict with the NextGen Gallery plugin.

    You might want to try the new version on Heirem’s site:

    The second-to-last (non beta) version messed up my site with php errors.. and then I almost couldn’t delete the files (kept telling me it couldn’t delete the plugin folder because xyz files couldn’t be found…)

    Pity – looked like a good idea, but I’ve given up on it

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