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  • I made the mistake of Updating to the latest version via my Admin Plug-in manager – BAD NEWS! All images on the site became an animated gray gif.

    “There is a new version of Events Calendar available. View version 6.6-beta Details or upgrade automatically.”

    I disabled and deleted the plug and per the note on the authors site reverted back to and am working.

    This needs to be removed from WP-Admin ! My site is still telling me to upgrade!

    Otherwise… love the plugin, and sorry to gripe but that’s a pretty shocking change.

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  • Hi Snackmaster,

    That problem can be fixed fairly easy.
    Go into your plugins folder and go to the events calendar plugin.

    Open the file ec_js_class.php

    and change this line (think its line 309)
    jQuery(“img”).attr(“src”, arguments[i]);


    jQuery(“.events-calendar img”).attr(“src”, arguments[i]);

    That should fix the problem and your images will no longer be loading gifs.

    Im trying to figure out how to fix a few bugs with the 6.6 version.
    I wondered if you had had any problems with the older version you have been using?

    I upgraded to the 2.9 version of wordpress and the tooltips stopped working on the calendar in the 6.6 version.

    I also found, and this was even before upgrading to wordpress 2.9 that the 6.6 version wont let me add events in IE. It works in Firefox and safari but not IE. I havent found a fix for this either.

    This calendar has been the best one i have found but these bugs are a proper pain in the butt!

    The 6.6 is a beta version they have released sorta by accident. So it has a bunch of bugs. Many of them (including the one u mentioned) have already been fixed and can be downloaded from their forum. Check it out to get more details (I think it’s necessary to register to the forum to be able to download their patches; anyways, you can also find answers for most bugs on their forums — not necessary to be registered to read it).

    @ shane_tactical: I’m using WP 2.9 as well, and tooltips continue working to me normally.

    About adding events in IE, there’s a patch to correct that. You can download it from their forums.


    Easier. I uploaded to u guys a patched version of Events Calendar 6.6 (changes made the developers themselves and contributors from their forums). It corrects some bugs, including the ones mentioned here. If it doesnt, lemme know and I’ll compile a new pack.


    That is super vangrog.

    As soon as i installed that patched version it fixed both my problems. The tooltips started working again and it now lets me add events in IE.

    Hope you have a great Christmas, if you celebrate it that is!



    i’m glad it worked for you..

    merry cmas for you too! ;o]



    The link isn’t work. A rapidshare limitation… Could you publish the patch in another place, please?

    The real solution is fixing the image preloader to properly preload the images by creating a new <img /> element instead of selecting every image in the page:

    jQuery(“<img />”).attr(“src”, arguments[i]);

    I submitted this as a patch in their bug tracker.

    Thanks for this guys as it also fixed an issue with events in the large calendar not showing in safari and other browsers 🙂

    Hi – Thanks – I’ve installed the patch and it all works fine – except:

    how do you delete an event?

    Urgently need to know this!! Hope to hear from you soon


    Unfortunately there’s no easy way to find events for editing/deleting on Events Calendar (that’s what this plugin misses the most, imo). You have to use the large calendar that appears on your administration page and forward it to the date of the event. There you’ll see the event and will have the option to edit or delete it.


    Hi Vangrog – thanks for getting back –

    I found what I had to do was click on the red x and then I get the opportunity to delete the event – should have cottoned on to this earlier – thanks for your help


    Hi guys I tried updating the plugin with the patched files but I can’t get the tooltips to work or even the events to show up. Firfox’s error console just says “Error:ecd is not defined”. I deactivated the plugin, deleted the entire events-calendar folder from the plugins dir, downloaded the patch from the 4shared link, unzipped it, moved all the files from the into the parent events-calendar folder, uploaded it to my plugins dir, reavtivated the plugin, made sure
    “jQuery Extrem Protection (checked = yes) (Check if you don’t see the Tooltips)” was checked in the options screen, and I still get the error. SidebarEventsCalendar(); displays a blank calendar and SidebarEventsList(); lists the events, so something is working.

    What’s your site?

    P.s.: it works fine for me with “jQuery Extrem Protection” disabled. But enabling it causes error for me as well.


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