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  • I’ve recently created a new wordpress site

    I’ve done very little to it so far, but Installing this plugin is one of them. I’ve gotten most of the plugin to work, except one item, the side bar.

    As you can see in the link, the event is listed. But clicking it does nothing but take me to a broken link that just drops me back to the main page.

    You can see in the upper right corner that you can click the links for event list and the single event. I’ve used the tags that were in the documentation. but the side bar still refuses to work for me.

    What am I doing wrong?

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  • Hi, upon testing the plugin I figured out how to make the links work. You’ll have to assign a page with a {EVENTREGIS} shortcode and use that page to display the single event.

    For example if your events page is located on

    Then the URL will display the event.

    This is the only page which the querystring works I think, although maybe there is a different approach to this but for now it will do on my website.

    Actually, I have a page with that shortcode already on it, but since posting this question I’ve hidden it from view from the navigation bar. It is still publicly accessible. The page works fine as far as I can tell, but the link from the main page does not take me to it.

    I ended up using a self made events list because we wanted the description page to be separate from the registration page since the description box in the event creation page is very user unfriendly. It’s much easier to create an event description using wordpress’s built in page creation system, and then just link to the addon’s registration page. We tried putting it on the same page as the event registration, but then you see the description again when you get the registration confirmation. Not exactly what a user is expecting, and they might miss the confirmation message since it’s scrolled off the screen.

    So I guess this question is a little moot since now I’d rather have the link on the main page go to the description, instead of straight to the registration. I guess it would be nice if this were configurable. I’m loath to get into the code to make it go to the same place as “more info” for fear of screwing something up, and out of fear of not being able to upgrade later.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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