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  • I’m trying to configure my setup for the plugin to accpet Paypal, but I’m stumped. It asks for “Return URL (used for return to make payments):____________’
    I can’t find any documentation on what that is.

    Is it the url for my blog? Is it a url for a private page on my blog that I create? Is it the url of the Process Payments page of the plugin on my blog?

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  • you would want to create a post/page that says: “Thanks for registering!” and then put that post/page address into that line.

    Actually the return URL is a page that if put the block {EVENTREGPAY} on a page and then put that page link in the Return URL block in the Organization Setup, you can include [return_url in your confirmation mail and it will provide a link with a specific id for the registering person to click on and return to a page that they can make a payment online. THis is primarily for those people, who for some reason or another did not make their payment at time of registration. Additionally if you recieve and post a payment in the Payments section, when they click the link, the page will actually show any outstanding balance and set the payment amount due for that amount. This is great is you work with registrations that take deposits or partial registration fees.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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