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  • Hi,

    First of all, Event Registration is an wonderful plug-in. I installed on Dec 23rd to test as a possible solution for a client Website. I am in the process to testing the plug-in thoroughly before I recommend to my client. I would absolutely donate once I know everything works.

    The problem I ran into today (Dec 24th) was that the selection for attendee(s) is not visible/available under the Registration Fees section. There’s no method for me to add attendees. The strange thing is that recall being able to add attendee(s) yesterday.

    Can you tell me what I may have done incorrectly, or if I have misseed a configuration?

    I appreciate your help,
    -Duc Le

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  • Plugin Author avdude


    Are you referring to the admin panel or the public registration side?

    Hi avdude,

    Thanks for the reply. These occurrences are happening on the public side. Since yesterday, the add attendee feature now shows up on 2 of my 3 event registrations. It is perplexing that I cannot see a difference between the 3 events for it to act differently. All 3 events are set for future dates. Fees/items for all events also have been set for future dates.

    At you’ll notice that New Member Registration and Membership Renewal will display a select form to add attendees, but Company Retreat does not.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance, avdude.

    Hi avdude,

    I am following up to let you know that I found that the cause of the issue is operator error. I had dated the Fees/Items past the event date.

    Thank you very much for your reply. I hope my issue didn’t cost you a lot of time.

    My apologies, and much thanks.

    I cannot find where to put this questions so since it is about attendees i thouught i’d put it here. I was using 5.4 ad prior for atleast 2-3 years with no issues. with this upgrade, i am struggleing 6.0013. on wordpress 3.2.1 as 33 is causing problems with other plugins. using the free version, and the issue is on the public side . When you register for an event, it does not seem to be updating. No emails confirming even though it is set to do that….and no attendees in the db. now when i add attenedees from the admin it works like a charm. what am i doing wrong. is the event. i am glad to do what i can to help and if we can get this fixed in the next day or so, i will upgrade to the paid version or make a donations.


    Plugin Author avdude


    Make sure you have your company options configured correctly. Ve sure and read the guide.

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