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  • Stephen Harris


    Hi Rod,
    Glad you like it :). If the venues appear when you quick edit an event and/or exists in the venues list – then it sounds like a javascript error. There isn’t one in the plug-in itself so its probably another (or conflict with another) plug-in.

    Do you get an error messages when you load the screen / try to select a venue with your browser console open?

    Thread Starter roderick.deguzman


    Thanks for the quick response. The quick edit bit works. I even read one of your old threads about changing the collation to for the terms table.

    Still no luck. No javascript error. Well, nothing that I can see anyway.

    No error message. Its similar to what some of the other guys have stated before.

    You can create venues. I can see the full list of venues once they are all created. But when I create or update an event and try to pick a venue, nothing comes up as selectable.

    Stephen Harris


    It won’t be a collation issue as how the data is stored is different now…

    If you open up your browser console and go to to the ‘Network’ tab (on Chrome anyhow, Firefox you can just go to the console). Click the array to try to display the venues and you should see an ajax request to admin-ajax.php. You can look at what its responding with and that might reveal the error.

    Alternatively all I can suggest is to temporarily disable all plug-ins and switch to TwentyEleven theme, and see if it works then.

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    Disabled themes and all plugins, still the same issue.

    Enabled console, saw the admin-ajax.php call when I try and pick the array when I edit an event from Admin. No errors. Does a GET, no errors come back. But the pick list for venue is still blank.

    However, when I try and copy the URL from the console and invoke on a new browser, I get the below:

    [ Moderator Note: Please post code or markup snippets between backticks or use the code button. ]

    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/maryme6/public_html/wp-content/plugins/event-organiser/includes/event-organiser-ajax.php on line 442
    jQuery17201675194026982234_1347311670652([{"term_id":0,"name":"No Venue"},{"term_id":"14","name":"Mary Me Bridal","slug":"mary-me-bridal","term_group":"0","term_taxonomy_id":"14","taxonomy":"event-venue","description":"","parent":"0","count":"2","venue_address":"2922 East Chapman Avenue","venue_postal":"92869","venue_country":"USA","venue_lat":"33.787391","venue_lng":"-117.822502","venue_description":""},{"term_id":"19","name":"Radisson Newport Beach","slug":"radisson-newport-beach","term_group":"0","term_taxonomy_id":"19","taxonomy":"event-venue","description":"","parent":"0","count":"1","venue_address":"4545 MacArthur Boulevard Newport Beach","venue_postal":"92660","venue_country":"USA","venue_lat":"33.667985","venue_lng":"-117.865628","venue_description":""},{"term_id":"18","name":"St Regis Monarch Beach","slug":"st-regis-monarch-beach","term_group":"0","term_taxonomy_id":"18","taxonomy":"event-venue","description":"","parent":"0","count":"0","venue_address":"1 Monarch Beach Resort North Dana Point","venue_postal":"92629","venue_country":"USA","venue_lat":"33.482319","venue_lng":"-117.715448","venue_description":""},{"term_id":"20","name":"The Grand Long Beach Event Center","slug":"the-grand-long-beach-event-center","term_group":"0","term_taxonomy_id":"20","taxonomy":"event-venue","description":"","parent":"0","count":"1","venue_address":"4101 East Willow Street Long Beach","venue_postal":"90815","venue_country":"USA","venue_lat":"33.804238","venue_lng":"-118.147380","venue_description":""}])

    Any other thoughts?

    Stephen Harris


    Mmm… seem there is a bug, but only certain server set ups are effected by it.

    In /includes/event-organiser-ajax.php inside eventorganiser_search_venues()
    (about line 432) could your replace all instances of $term with $venue, and see if this resolves the bug?

    I believe this should fix the problem for you – but would like confirmation before I include it in array release.

    Thread Starter roderick.deguzman


    Hi Stephen.

    Yes, this worked.

    Thanks for the fix.

    Will test out the other stuff, just to make sure it doesn’t break anything else.




    It worked on XAMPP as well. Thanks!

    I have the same issue, but the error I am getting is Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/*******/public_html/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php:1286)

    My issues: no list of venues in edit event, quick eit show, but throws the same error on update, but somehow is saved

    Just a note to those who posted the bug originally – this was fixed in 1.5.7.

    @donsony – what versions of WordPress & EO are you running? On 3.4.2 – the error message points to the WordPress’ remove_menu_page() function – which is odd. (I don’t think it is used by EO).

    This trac ticket says the error message occurs when trying to use remove_menu_page() too early – so it could be another plug-in/theme doing this.

    Have you tried deactivating other plug-ins and switching to TwentyEleven theme to see if the problem persists – if not, then its a plug-in/theme conflict.

    I believe the trac ticket reveals that this error message appears when quick editing a post or page – or more generally when ajax is used – this would explain why the venue list doesn’t appear too.

    Hi Stephen, I am using WordPress 3.4.2 and the Blocked Theme. I deactivated all other plugins and issue persists. So I am guessing it has to be a theme issue… Any clues as to what it might be

    Hi Donsony, Only what’s linked to above. Try the Twenty Elven theme? If that works, its definitely the theme. In which case you should report it to the theme developers.

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