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  • I greatly enjoy your plugin. Is there any way to show or Move Prev and Next Months from the footer to Caption in the Event Calendar Widget (Sidebar)?
    E.g. to have
    <<Apr May 2012 Jun>>

    Instead of May 2012
    When I did it by tweaking…the prev(<<Apr) and next(Jun>>) stopped working.
    function generate_output($month,$args=array()){
    global $wp_locale;
    $months = $wp_locale->month;
    $monthsAbbrev = $wp_locale->month_abbrev;
    $weekdays = $wp_locale->weekday;
    $weekdays_initial =$wp_locale->weekday_initial;

    //Month should be a DateTime object of the first day in that month
    $today = new DateTime(‘now’,eo_get_blog_timezone());

    //Month details
    $firstdayofmonth= intval($month->format(‘N’));
    $lastmonth = clone $month;
    $lastmonth->modify(‘last month’);
    $nextmonth = clone $month;
    $nextmonth->modify(‘next month’);
    $daysinmonth= intval($month->format(‘t’));

    //Retrieve the start day of the week from the options.

    //How many blank cells before inserting dates
    $offset = ($firstdayofmonth-$startDay +7)%7;

    //Number of weeks to show in Calendar
    $totalweeks = ceil(($offset + $daysinmonth)/7);

    //Get events for this month
    $start = $month->format(‘Y-m-d’);
    $end = $month->format(‘Y-m’).’-‘.$daysinmonth;

    $required = array( ‘showpastevents’=>1, ‘numberposts’=>-1, ‘showrepeats’=>1, ‘start_before’=>$end, ‘start_after’=>$start );
    $query_array = array_merge($args,$required);

    $events= eo_get_events($query_array);

    //Populate events array
    $tableArray =array();
    foreach($events as $event):
    $date = esc_html($event->StartDate);
    $tableArray[$date][]= esc_attr($event->post_title);

    $before = “<table id=’wp-calendar’>”;

    $prev = esc_html($monthsAbbrev[$months[$lastmonth->format(‘m’)]]);
    $next = esc_html($monthsAbbrev[$months[$nextmonth->format(‘m’)]]);

    $title =”<caption></caption>”;

    $title .= “<thead><tr>”;
    $title .=”<td id=’eo-widget-prev-month’ colspan=’3′>format(‘Y-m’).”‘>« “.$prev.”</td>”;
    $title .=”<td class=’pad’> </td>”;
    $title .=”<td id=’eo-widget-next-month’ colspan=’3′>format(‘Y-m’).”‘>”.$next.”» </td>”;
    $title .= “</tr></thead>”;

    for ($d=0; $d <= 6; $d++):
    $day = $weekdays_initial[$weekdays[($d+$startDay)%7]];
    $head.=”<th title='”.$day.”‘ scope=’col’>”.$day.”</th>”;


    $prev = esc_html($monthsAbbrev[$months[$lastmonth->format(‘m’)]]);
    $next = esc_html($monthsAbbrev[$months[$nextmonth->format(‘m’)]]);

    $foot = “<tfoot><tr>”;
    $foot .=”<td colspan=’3′></td>”;
    $foot .=”<td class=’pad’> </td>”;
    $foot .=”<td colspan=’3′></td>”;
    $foot .= “</tr></tfoot>”;

    $body =”<tbody>”;

    $currentDate = clone $month;

    $event_archive_link = get_post_type_archive_link(‘event’);

    for( $w = 0; $w <= $totalweeks-1; $w++ ):
    $body .=”<tr>”;
    $cell = $w*7;

    //For each week day
    foreach ( $weekdays_initial as $i => $day ):
    $cell = $cell+1;
    if( $cell<=$offset || $cell-$offset > $daysinmonth ){
    $body .=”<td class=’pad’ colspan=’1′> </td>”;

    $formated_date =$currentDate->format(‘Y-m-d’);

    //Is the date ‘today’?
    if( $formated_date == $today->format(‘Y-m-d’) )
    $class[] =’today’;

    //Does the date have any events
    if( isset($tableArray[$formated_date]) ){
    $class[] =’event’;
    $classes = implode(‘ ‘,$class);
    $classes = esc_attr($classes);

    $titles = implode(‘, ‘,$tableArray[$formated_date]);
    $titles = esc_attr($titles);

    $link = add_query_arg(‘ondate’,$currentDate->format(‘Y-m-d’),$event_archive_link);
    $link = esc_attr($link);

    $body .=”<td class='”.$classes.”‘> “.($cell-$offset).”</td>”;

    $classes = implode(‘ ‘,$class);
    $body .=”<td class='”.$classes.”‘>”.($cell-$offset).”</td>”;

    $currentDate->modify(‘+1 day’);

    endforeach;//Endforeach Week day
    $body .=”</tr>”;

    endfor; //End for each week

    $body .=”</tbody>”;
    $after = “</table>”;

    return $before.$title.$head.$foot.$body.$after;

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