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  • I have unsuccessfully been trying to figure this out on my own. The map does not show streets just a blue box. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, is there a way to let users add events to the calendar?

    Can I resize the calendar to a size of my choosing?

    Thanx!! And great plugin~

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  • I’ve not come across this problem before. Have you a link to this site?

    Users can’t add events, only those with admin access and the ability to publish events can add events.

    You should be able to alter the size by styling it appropriately using your theme’s style.css

    Thanks :).

    Hey, thanks for the response. Here is my site

    I have changed the size of the map to make it smaller because it was the width of the page and I thought that may have been the problem.

    Sorry it took so long for my response.


    Ah! That blue box is the Gulf of Guinea :). If you are using the venue shortcode for a page/post that is not an ‘event’ you need to specify which venue you want to the map to be of. Your ‘events’ page, doesn’t have a venue associated to it (only events do), so the plug-in doesn’t know which venue to display. So it simply shows the map with co-ordinates (0,0). Using the venue attribute of the shortcode to specify the venue (by slug). will resolve this.

    Stephen, I have the same issue I added a venue with a street name and suburb. What do you mean shortcode and slug?

    So, each venue has a slug. If use the [eo_venue_map] shortcode on a non-event page, it doesn’t know what venue you want to display (If its on an event page, it uses the event’s venue – if it has one). So to tell it to display the venue with slug ‘foobar’:

    [eo_vene_map venue="foobar"]

    You can view the venue’s slug on the venue admin page and the venue’s edit page.

    Are you suggesting I need to edit the HTML code rather than create a venue with an address, post code and country, save that venue and then choose it from the drop down list in the event?

    I think your question is different from beginr’s.

    If you want a venue map to appear on the event’s page, then you’ll need to either edit the event template file (see this) and insert a do_shortcode('[eo_venue_map]') where you want the map to appear (for all events) or use the shortcode in the event’s description. This will use the venue associated with the event.

    If you want the a venue map to appear outside of the Loop – or even inside the Loop for non-events pages then you need to specify the venue as above.

    I am getting the Gulf of Guinea as well under the venue

    Ok, I see what you mean. It appears the venue has not latitude/longitude co-ordinates saved. Does the map appear on the venue admin page OK?

    No, when I am in the venue in the admin page no map is displayed at all. In the address field I have this:
    Hibberson Street, Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory

    That’s why then- presumably Google maps can’t locate that address and so no co-ordinates for the venue can be found. Try using the post-code and country fields too if you haven’t. But if Google can’t find the place, then obviously it can’t display it. The plug-in allows you to drag the marker to places manually though.

    In edit venue is the map meant to be there? In edit event there is a white square box under the drop down to choose venue.

    The address I posted above works when I paste into the search field in Google maps, doesn’t even find the suburb or city.

    I can get the map to display under the venue drop down now in the event but still going to gulf of guinea. I can zoom out and then find the location but can’t move the pin.

    It didn’t find the city Canberra.

    On the venue edit page there should be map next to the input fields for the venue’s address, postcode, country.

    Then on the event page, when you select a venue, a map should appear for that venue.

    If the venue co-ordinates (as it sounds like) are not found then on the event edit page, you’ll get a blank box.

    The venues are found when you are editing the venue – on the venue edit page there should be map relating to your input into the address, postcode and country fields. It sounds like Google can’t find the co-ordinates though.

    You can only move the marker on the venue edit page – it is fixed on the event edit page.

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