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[Resolved] [Plugin: Event Organiser] Feature Request: disable scrolling on map embed

  • Can’t stand when I’m scrolling down a page and my cursor just happens to hover over a map or flash element and scrolling stops or starts causing some other effect I didn’t intend; such as zooming a map!

    I’d like either an option to disable it for map embeds (particularly when using the function to display it on the front-end) or better yet, to simply have it disabled altogether.


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  • Google Maps allow you to do this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2330197/how-to-disable-mouse-scroll-wheel-scaling-with-google-maps-api

    So I’ll be adding in an additional attribute/argument for the map shortcode and eo_get_venue_map() function. You can expect this in 1.6 (due end of October – November ).

    Indeed it does! Sorry, I should have included that, though I’m sure it didn’t take you long to find.

    Sounds great! You rock.

    Stephen Harris


    This will be in 1.6, which is currently in beta testing: https://github.com/stephenh1988/Event-Organiser/tree/dev (dev Branch).

    The option is available as a shortcode: [eo_venue_map scrollwheel=false] or can be used with the function eo_get_venue_map():

    echo eo_get_venue_map('edinburgh-castle', array('scrollwheel'=>false));

    Other Google option attributes added along with scrollwheel:

    • zoomcontrol
    • rotatecontrol
    • pancontrol
    • overviewmapcontrol
    • streetviewcontrol
    • maptypecontrol
    • draggable
    • maptypeid – (e.g. ‘ROADMAP’, ‘SATELLITE’)

    All but the last take true/false values and default to true. The last accepts a string (see Google map type IDs) and defaults to ‘ROADMAP’.

    There is also ‘tooltip’ option (defaults to false) which displays a tooltip with the venue’s address. The content of this tooltip is filterable using the hook eventorganiser_venue_tooltip.

    Finally multiple venues can be displayed on one map. With the shortcode use a comma delimited string:

    [eo_venue_map venue="slug-1,slug-2"]

    With the function pass an array:

    echo eo_get_venue_map(array('slug-1','slug-2'), array('scrollwheel'=>false));

    Note the array may contain either slugs or IDs (*must* be passed as integers).

    Closing this as 1.6 was released earlier today – you can find out more here: http://wp-event-organiser.com/blog/1-6-released/

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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