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    Hi there,

    I am really hoping that someone can help me. I have just installed the Event Organiser Plug-in which has great reviews and looks to be perfect for what I need. But at the very initial set up stage I have encountered a problem. Here is what I have done.

    1. Installed and activated the plug-in.

    2. Gone to Settings > Event Organiser > General. I have a custom menu that generates a navigation bar for my site. So I go to “Add an ‘events’ link to the navigation menu:” option and choose my custom menu from the dropdown. Save settings and check that the ‘Events’ tab has appeared in the navigation menu on the front of the site. It has.

    3. Create a new event.

    4. Go to the front of the site and click on ‘Events’ tab in my custom menu expecting to see the event. I get a “Nothing Found
    Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive” message.

    5. I try adding all kind of different events with different dates, options and variants. Still none of the events appear.

    What did I do wrong?

    Here is the website –

    The ‘Events’ tab that was created by the Event Calender Settings is the last in the custom navigation menu.

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  • Do the events appear in the admin calendar ok?

    I had a look at your site, and I went to (a lucky guess). The event is displaying, but hasn’t got a date associated with it.

    How are you setting the dates? There is an event metabox on the edit event page – and this is where you set the date. This is not the publish date which determines when the event post will be published.

    Only (published) events with an event date(s) set will be seen in the archive page.

    Hi Stephen. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the help because I really want to use (and donate to) this plugin. I have 2 test events that can be accessed by their URL:

    They both have dates set. Is there anything else that is compulsory that is causing them not to be published? I assumed there was a problem with the way I had set up the menu

    No, the problem isn’t the menu – that’s working fine.

    Try temporarily disabling all your plug-ins and theme. If it’s another plug-in/theme interfering – this will help indicate that.

    Do the events appear in the admin calendar?

    Hi Stephen.

    It seems to be ‘theCartPress’ plugin.

    What would the next step be in resolving the issue?

    So line 284 of their main plugin file (TheCartPress.class) reads:

    if ( isset( $wp_query->tax_query ) || $wp_query->is_archive() ) {

    To fix the issue you can put:

    if ( (isset( $wp_query->tax_query ) || $wp_query->is_archive() ) && ! $wp_query->is_archive('event') ) {

    Basically, there are altering the query on any taxonomy/post type archive page in such as way so that no events will show.

    That should fix the problem. If you get anymore errors like this, you’ll need to contact the CartPress developers. This is a bug with their plug-in. In the meantime I’ll notify them – but I can’t guarantee they’ll do anything about it.

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks so much for your assistance. Unfortunately that didn’t appear to make any difference. Any more ideas?

    Hi Reedhamo, after using the above fix: try

    If you have any cache plug-ins, you might need to flush the cache. The above fix works for me (when using ?post_type=event rather than the ‘pretty url’), but it seems there is also a permalink clash too. If the above works, then that’s the issue.

    If not… then I’m not sure. It works for me on my test site. You’ll need to contact CartPress though, since its something wrong with their plug-in.

    Hi Stephen,

    Looking at the TheCartPress.class document again, I think you are looking at something slightly different to me. I’ve just realised that the code I replaced in the document is not an exact match to what you have written in your post above. Maybe we are looking at different versions? I’m using The code that I can see that looks very similar is on line 238, 250 and 258.

    I was using 1.1.9.

    It was line 30 in that paste-bin that was causing problems in 1.1.9 – but I can’t be sure that other parts of that function aren’t causing a problem because I haven’t tested

    I have reported this issue to the plug-in developers here:

    Hi Stephen,

    Just to avoid any confusion I have included the whole of the TheCartPress.class.php ( code here:

    I replaced the whole of line 262:

    if ( $apply_filters || isset( $wp_query->query_vars[‘post_type’] ) && tcp_is_saleable_post_type( $wp_query->query_vars[‘post_type’] ) ) {


    if ( (isset( $wp_query->tax_query ) || $wp_query->is_archive() ) && ! $wp_query->is_archive(‘event’) ) {

    This did not resolve the issue of events not showing and also caused posts on my home page to stop showing.

    It is really frustrating but TheCartPress don’t seem to be responding to my post or yours. Really is a shame.

    I’ve updated to version so that I more likely to be looking at the same code as you. I updated line 284 from:

    if ( isset( $wp_query->tax_query ) || $wp_query->is_archive() ) {


    if ( (isset( $wp_query->tax_query ) || $wp_query->is_archive() ) && ! $wp_query->is_archive(‘event’) ) {

    and have now got a slightly different error message but an error message all the same –

    This is the original code of –

    Success!,,. almost:

    Try Like I noted about, there is a pretty permalink clash with the plug-ins. Not much I can do about it.

    On a completely different note, if you want to edit the events template (so it fits better with your theme, you might want to read this).

    Woop!! Thank you so much for your patience and your time Stephen. You’ve been superb. Only problem is that I still get the error message when I click on the event. Is there anything that can be done about that?

    No problem :).

    It’s a permalinks clash again I’m afraid. Try You could turn off permalinks for the events in the plug-in settings.

    It’s not ideal… but CartPress seems to be breaking a lot of things… I’ve just realized it’s redirecting: (which is the correct event-archive url, even if it is conflicting with CartPress) to

    If you deactivate CartPress, you’ll need to flush the rewrite rules (just visit your Settings > Permalink page and click save). The pretty urls should then work (some times you need to click save a couple of times…)

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