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  • I’d like to contribute code for the following features. Interested?

    • showPrivate attribute for [eo_events] shortcode
    • Time format setting for Full Calendar. Defaults to ‘HH:mm’ (JavaScript format
    • Enable conflict detection setting for Events. When active, Update and Publish button will put a red box around the venue if any time overlaps with another event using that venue

    I’ll make the changes based on your version 1.2.4
    I’ll also send you documentation copy to paste into your documentation.

    What say you?

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  • Hi Andrew,
    Sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you, and thanks for the offer! I like your first two suggestions, but for the first one if I am to provide more options I would like it to match as close as possible with get_posts (potentially excepting comma seperated values since arrays are not available – obviously stuff like tax_query would be out of the question).

    As for time format setting for the fullcalendar, I’m hoping at some point to have the format as an option, rather than forcing a default format. However, for consistancy with the rest of the plug-in I’d like the user input to be in php format. The difficulty then becomes converting that into JavaScript… If you wanted to have a stab at that I’d be very grateful 😀

    Your last suggestion maybe very problematic. First of all venues are becoming taxonomy terms as of 1.3. Secondly, the dates of the event would need to be calculated (i.e. each occurrence), a query would have to be run to check if any of the occurrences overlap with any other occurrence of an event at the same venue. That would be alot of work (for you and the computer!) and would add a lot to the plug-in when I’m not sure on the demand. (That said, if you wanted to create a plug-in for the plug-in and share it on here, I’d be more than willing to help where I can. In particular, if you find you need a hook or a filter somewhere I can add one in).

    Many thanks for the offer! And let me know what you decide about your first two suggestions, and if you do decide to extend the plug-in.

    All the best,

    Hi Stephen,

    I’ve finally gotten to this project.


    Reading through your code, I see that showPrivate is unnecessary. The user can put any get_post() parameter they want in the shortcode and you pass them through:

    [eo_events post_status=”private”]

    I’m not sure if you intended that, but it is very useful and may be worth documenting.

    Time Format

    As far as time formats, I’ve hardcoded that into my copy of version 1.4.2. There are many different dates throughout the plugin, some controlled by PHP formatting, some by JavaScript formatting and even some in another format that you translate into JavaScript formatting. I’m not sure I follow the reasoning for all of that, so I’m going to leave that one for you, lest I introduce bugs by not understanding the design.

    Conflict Detection

    I’m just starting this. I hear what you are saying about performance, but that’s why I designed it to be at submit or update. I really need it for our application. So, I’m going to code it up. I may be able to achieve it with just hooks. If so, it certainly could be a separate plug-in. In any case, I’ll send you what I come up with.


    Hi Andrew,
    Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond to this.

    Yes, all attributes passed to the shortcode are given to eo_get_events() (which in turn calls get_posts(). I avoided whitelisting arugments so that you can have a lot of control over the output, and it also allows third-party argument to be handled.

    Time format is different depending on whether its jQuery or PHP. I’ve since added the option for time format for the public full calendar and 1.5 saw a screen option added on the admin calendar to switch between 24 and 12 hour time. I wanted user-entered date/time formatting to be consistent – so for the fullCalendar the user can specify the time format using php formats (as is used everywhere else) and the plug-in then converts that into something fullCalendar will understand.

    This sounds like it would make a great add-on. I’d be happy to help out if you need it. 1.5 saw a fair few functions added with the purpose of making third-party interaction easier (e.g. eo_insert_event, eo_get_event_schedule – documentation to follow!). It also coincides with a lot of the data being moved into post meta (improves performance) – and a later point the now obsolete columns in the events table will be removed.

    As I said, if you have any questions just ask – and if you need a hook anyway, just say. I’d be happy to promote the add-on when you’ve finished :).

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