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  • Hello –

    Excellent plugin. I’m interested in the timeframe of the listed planned feature: “Allowing users to exclude or include specific dates in an event’s schedule.”

    I’m working on a site for an independent movie theater, and it’s imperative that users be able to add all sorts of random dates and times (movie showtimes) to a single event, not just daily, weekly, monthly etc. reoccurence.

    It seems like that’s the capability this planned feature is referring to, and I’m just wondering how far along development of this function is, and if you can give me even a ballpark timeframe for completion. I have to determine if it’s realistic for me to wait for it or not, because otherwise I have to look for a different plugin better suited for this function (which I don’t want to do!)


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  • Hi Jeremy,

    This feature has been on my todo list for a while. Under the hood – there is almost no problem in implementing this. A filter could be added to filter the dates (removing/adding them) and this could be stored as post meta.

    The problem is how to do this on the front-end in an intuitive, but clutter-free way. The most obvious solution is to have a calendar which highlights the dates of the events, and where dates are selectable. This presents numerous challenges (all do-able though…). In fact I’ve been able to test these ideas on another plug-in I’m about to release (for allowing users to only publish on specific dates).

    However- 1.4 will be seeing some big changes to how venues and also events are handled – most of which are ‘under the hood’, performance improvements or shifting responsibility to WordPress so the plug-in requires less code. For that reason, I won’t be planning on introducing this until 1.5.

    I can’t offer any definite time frames (the plug-in is entirely a hobby, so it depends on my other commitments) – but 1.5 might not be released for another 2-3 months.

    Gotcha. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate all your hard work.

    This will be included in 1.5 – and this won’t be as far away as expected – the datepicker-UI problem (allowing dates to be selected/deselected) turned out to be both interesting and not as difficult as I anticipated. 1.5 will also include some major restructuring with the aim or improved performance. As such I’m holding off from updating for a while.

    1.5 can be probably be expected in 1-2 months.

    Great! Thanks.

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