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    First i wanted to say thnx for this great plugin, but..

    Why are venues reqired? it reqires a user to go to wp-admin, wich is unwanted on many sites and a user cant create a venue (and whitout it cant create a event), or make a smiple way to create a venue from the front end.

    Add a option that only registered users can add a event from the front end (again, i dont want users to go to wp-admin).

    Those 2 things made me deactivate the plugin and wait for a update.

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  • Plugin Author Matthew


    Attaching an event to a venue is a necessary requisite for an event. An event has to exist somewhere at a discrete time, and as such requires a venue to exist at.

    Naturally the solution isn’t to allow registered users access to the EOM admin backend, but to instead allow a method for users to add to the venue listings within the EOM public form. The system is capable of validating venues (the admin does this already) and future updates will allow users to submit events AND venues that are not already part of the venue selection system.

    Solve your own issue with registered users by controlling page access to the public form.

    A user can simply add the adress of the event in the description whitout complicating the process

    Plugin Author Matthew


    They can, but that won’t be reflected in the venue listing, address, or map component of the application.

    The Events-O-Matic plugin is one of the best out there. I love it and it is perfect for what I need with one HUGE exception.

    The plugin boasts it’s uniqueness in that it allows people from the community to plug in their own events. But they can’t unless the admin first puts in the venue. This does not seem to make much sense to me.

    When will the plugin be undated to fix this so that people can do what the plugin says they can do: plug in their local events?


    Plugin Author Matthew


    Thanks for the feedback. The inability to have users submit venues is a HUGE drawback of the current version, and a fix I’ve been mending since the EOM has been released.

    In DAYS the new version will be released, allowing for self moderating venues. Users simply add in a venue name and address and the system will add in valid venues automatically. Its going to make user submitted events much easier to manage.

    Thanks Matthew,

    That excites me!

    Congrats on a great start to a very useful plugin! I would like to see the ability to sort categories in the future. It would be really helpful. Please check out example below it is called EventList powered by

    The only reason I disabled the plugin is becasue the events when displayed in plugins did not look pleasing to the eye. I think creating columns would help and allowing different fonts or something? I look forward to develops you have in store.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    The EOM doesn’t contain categories.

    Any styling to the EOM frontend should be modified in the WordPress Theme Stylesheet.

    Great plugin, simple to install and very intuitive.

    I’m wondering if you can add a way for us to add directory-like categories and sub-categories. For example “States” as a category, then specific cities as sub categories. Or say event categories like “Concerts” and “rock” as a subcategory. And with the option for users to browse by category or by date.

    I agree with the above suggestions, add a option that only registered users can add a event from the front end. It sounds like a lot of work by the way, to add self moderating venues, I look forward to the release that has this.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    The EoM already has self moderating venues. Event tagging is a possibility in the future.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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