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  1. Pewit
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Just started using Event-o-Matic and have a few thoughts for improvements.
    1. Email Field
    Entering a new event requires one page to enter your email address and then a second page to enter the event information. Why not have everything on one page?
    2. Event URL
    The field requires a "valid URL" but there is no cue to inform you what constitutes a valid URL. Suggest pre-populating the field with an example (e.g. "http://www.myevent.com") which then disappears when you start to enter the URL.
    3. Price
    There is no option to say "see website" or "varies" or to add a range of prices. OK it might be obvious from the text description but if there was an "other" checkbox option and a free text field you could then enter the range or a message.
    4. Tags
    There is no option to be able to use tags or categories of events from a list - it would make searching for events much easier if you are looking for a specific type.
    5. CSS Styling
    It would be great to have some control over the look of the form in the Settings.
    6. Event duration limit
    There is an arbitrary event duration limit of 5 days - why?
    I am sure your local city has events which last more than 5 days.
    I have modified the code in date.php to increase it to 14 days.
    7. Custom Exit Page
    It would be good to be able to specify the exit page on submission of an event.
    8. It would also be good to ask the user to submit another event and then either create a new event or duplicate an existing event (for a series).
    9. Repeat events (first Monday in Month, 7th of Month etc) would also be helpful - see Google Calendar event entry for example.
    10. Google Calendar link so that dates can be added to your own calendar as as feed

  2. Matthew
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for the info.

    1. The plugin requires an email first to confirm your identity. In future releases it will give you options to view past events you have submitted. Naturally it has to check who you are before you can submit an event.
    2. The form will error out if the url is not valid.
    3.At some point there has to be a standardization of cost. If a price exists, it should be put in this box, otherwise it would not be possible to sort by price, which is the whole point of this field.
    4. Category tagging may be something in a future release.
    5. Any styling can be edited with the stylesheet. There are simply too many visual options to manipulate to make it feasible to add this to the control panel.
    6. See above
    7. This is a good idea, I'll see if it can be included on a future release.
    8.The 'event recycle' is something that is intended for a future release. One of the reasons for the email collection described in point 1.
    9. See 8
    10. iCal, ics integration is something else I am planning on including.


  3. Pewit
    Posted 4 years ago #

    1. It's a useability issue - if someone is presented with a blank page asking for an email they might think that it's just to capture their email address for spamming.
    I suggest you use Ajax so that the identity is verified without a new page.
    Alternatively, if there was an option to display an email field in the widget below the event list titled "Add Event" (with "email address" in the field which cleared when you started to enter data).
    On submit the event entry page is displayed, this might help to encourage more event submissions.
    2. I know it will error out. The point is that you and I know what a valid URL is, someone filling out the form may not unless you give them a clue. It's a useability issue.
    5. All I can say is that other plugins seem to manage it. Take a look at All-in One Calendar which uses themes http://then.ly/
    6. See above

  4. ACF Tours
    Posted 4 years ago #


    First off thank you for Event-O-Matic. This is what I was looking for. I am a business owner and have limited start up funds, so I am trying to get the site up and running myself with help from friends. A few things I am seeing that I can not do is eliminate the geo in the venue or the venue completely. My bus trips do not have a set pickup or destination. Second is after submit of event I would like to have it not only on a list but added to the calendar after I accept event. Finally a members sign in would be a great place to have a list that the members can (check box) so that they can be notified when that particular event has been posted on the calendar. Members would also (check box) how to be contacted. Email, mail,or Text and be auto sent. If these are things i can do please send instructions, if not please help. Thank you

  5. Pewit
    Posted 3 years ago #

    More suggestions:
    1. Custom field support.
    We have events in various categories and it would help if users were guided to pick a category so that results could be filtered.
    It would be useful to be able to add custom fields to the event submission form which would enable you to specify the field type (dropdown list, text etc) and field values (if dropdown) - (something like the form designer in CForms).

    2. Filtered Results
    Having captured the data it would be helpful to be able to filter the display based on criteria selected by the user. Either from a pick-list of data sets or from a text search string - using filter fields set by the webmaster.
    e.g. Country (picklist), City (freeform), Description (freeform), Category (picklist).

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