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  • I’ve been using Event-O-Matic for several months now and it’s a great plugin — thanks for all your work!

    A few features that would be useful to myself and perhaps others:

    – Display event titles in the <title> tag. This would be of some benefit for SEO and would make it easier to use.

    – An ability to generate a non-HTML formatted version of the upcoming events. Nice for sending out a plain text version of the upcoming events.

    – Not sure if it would be too difficult, but cleaner URLs for individual events would be really nice (i.e. /event-title/ rather than /?id=213&vid=23



    Great plugin, just installed it, looks good so far. Immediate thing I think would be great would be email notification of new events to approve, so that if we forget to check for new submissions every day there aren’t events sitting waiting to be approved for a long time. Some sort of captcha or email confirmation link would be nice as well to prevent people from spamming the submission form. Also ability to add some other fields and/or change the max. of 1000 characters. I imagine that can be changed by looking in the code. Perhaps the ability to upload an image directly in the event submission process rather than putting in a URL as well.



    Oh also a calendar view would be cool, and maybe categories so that things in the calendar could be color-coded based on their category (we would have categories like music, theater, literature, dance etc.)

    Plugin Author Matthew


    Currently anytime a new event is submitted the blog owner gets an email address automatically.



    LOVE this program! It has made my life SO much easier. I would offer a few ideas/thoughts.

    1) Font size on the posts seems pretty big, so a way to adjust that without getting into coding.

    2) I seem to have problems with people using quotation marks (“) and apostriphies (‘)…they come out on the page as giberish, so I have to go in and manually fix those.

    3) For the image instead of just a link to an image, the ability for users to use a BROWSE button and upload their logos, pictures, etc and then have them resize them so we don’t end up with logos that are 2000 pixels across.

    4) The ability to put the word FREE or NO CHARGE in the price field, or have a button that says the word FREE that they can select.



    1. Events should be able to last a lot longer than 5 days – we list 2 month long art shows and other events that can be even longer.
    2. The US date format needs an easy to charge selection box. 95% of the world uses the logical day-month-year format and many outside the US don’t understand what 13/24/12 might mean!

    Thanks for the plug-in. Just installed today (3-26-12) and looks like just what I needed.

    I do have 1 question.

    Where do I retrieve the contact information for the individual who submitted the event so I may contact them? They must provide their name and email address to create and submit an event but I cant seem to find it.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    I’m glad you like it.

    Currently the user info is being stored in wp_eom_users table but there isn’t a page within the Event-O-Matic admin to view them. The next version will have this visibility.


    Thanks for your work on this plugin. In my case, a lot of events are teleclasses. There is not a physical address. The plugin requires a physical address. What I need is a place to put a link to register for the event.



    Plugin Author Matthew


    Hi Terri,
    This plugin is a location – based events manager. The linking of events to physical locations is core to the functionality. Perhaps try one of the event managers that don’t have a physical location tie-in?


    Is there an option for multiple dates. For example I have a church performing an Easter passion play on 3 different nights. Obviously they would like to list all the nights of the performance but do not need additional listings.

    If not this would be a good feature for the update.


    Thanks for the quick reply. Could you explain in LAYMANS terms where this might be and how I can access it to retrieve the users info.

    wp_eom_users table

    I am anxious for the visibilty to be added in. Would be willing to purchase pro version with this feature.

    Plugin Author Matthew


    There isn’t support for multiple dates currently, but this is certainly something that should be included in future versions.

    Unfortunately there isnt an easy way to access the backend of the database without some technical knowledge and some know-how into your specific hosting setup. It would require going into your host control panel (1&1, GoDaddy, etc) and clicking databases, and then browsing the database for your WordPress setup looking for the wp_eom_users table, where the emails are stored.

    Excellent plugin! I also agree that a “browse” for image on users computer is much more user friendly.

    Thank you.

    Is there going to be a way to post all events in the sidebar? It is only allowing me to post by venue as of now.



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