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  • With the EC3 plugin the tag cloud doesn’t work. I get the “nothing found” message when I click a tag.

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  • EC3 doesn’t recognize tag pages out of the box. It’s a simple modification to make it tag aware if your theme has a template named tag.php.

    My theme hasn’t a file named tag.php
    What I can do?

    Now that I think of it, the modification should still work.

    And which file I must modify?


    Thank you very much!

    Lex, can you offer a patch for tag awareness to the ec3 3.2 Dev version that Alex just posted on the wordpress SVN?

    Rick…it’s at the svn at sourceforge. I’ll go dig it out.

    Rick…for some reason I can’t submit a ticket with the patch. The Trac does not recognize EventCalendar as a ‘component.’ I’d rather not commit a change if the group doesn’t want this functionality.

    Hey Lex –

    Development got moved from sourceforge over to the plugin svn system thingy — so, maybe that’s why sourceforge isn’t working …

    I was just playing around with this: if the setting is “Keep Events Separate” you are right — the post won’t show up when the tag is clicked from the cloud. I think it makes sense to add your fix because if you tagged a post in the first place you would think you would want to be able to list those posts when you click a tag in the cloud … makes sense to me.

    I will add it to the version … you can download that to test it out via svn … is working on my end with the fix you provided.

    Patch details at:

    svn link at:


    Actually I couldn’t submit a ticket here at the wordpress svn. Your adaptation of the patch is fine but I’m not sure if it will work on a pre-WP 2.3 installation. I don’t have a 2.2 testing platform but I have a small concern the tag query might error out. I can commit a change to do a version check I had in the sourceforge patch, if you’d like.

    Lex – hmm, I am not sure why you couldn’t submit the ticket …

    You are right, on previous versions it would throw an error — I saw you had done that with the patch you provided … if you can’t get the svn here to work I can add that function check if you think it should be there.

    I changed it as you suggested:

    Hopefully the ticket problem gets sorted out. Thanks again!

    That’ll work! For some reason, event-calendar isn’t listed on the TRAC as a ‘component’ which is a field you need for ticket submission. I don’t know who manages the TRAC or if there’s a command line setting to add it as a component but that really should be done.

    Lex – yea, I noticed it is missing as a trac component … honestly, I tried to figure out how to do that on Trac because we recently moved to the hosting … and no one (myself included), yet, has figured out how to add it as a component or assign tickets.

    You would think it would be easy but I can’t find any documentation on it …

    I had posted the question here for guidance but haven’t gotten any yet.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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