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  • Hi,

    I’ve installed the eventcalendar plugin with the widget and i have some questions. I’m trying to make a trainingscedule with some multiday events (one 2-day training 2 following fridays) and this training will be given every month. So i made an description of the training and want to add the days the training is starting with the second day of each training. In the post it should say: training A: 15 and 22 december / 16 and 23 january etc. So it will be a split event, but not split in one day, but split in 2 seperate days (and sometimes even 3 days)
    I have found out how to make a multiday event if this are following days, but not how to do that when there are some days in between the days.
    Hope you understand what I mean and can help me out with this.

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  • just keep hitting the [+] on the event-calendar on the post and adding days….

    EC3 currently does not support “repeating events” but you can add as many days as you would like to the event.


    Doesn’t work for me. The more-days trainings will be given several times. I want to put that in one post, so that everybody can see on which days training A will be given. This will mash up with the second days of the trainings. So I want to scedule a multiday event (not following days) that is repeating

    You should make a new post with several scheduled events. Just keep clicking the “+” button until you’ve got as many as you need. If you are not worried about times of day, then make them “all day”.

    THat’s not working for me. I have a 3 day training, 3 tuesdays in a row and this 3 day training is everymonth. So I want in the calendar that there is a training A on this 3 days and now it’s telling that there is a training A on day 1 and a training A ond day 2 and a training A on day tree. It doesn’t show as ONE training, but as tree different trainings of one day. That’s the problem. I want training A (day 1, day 2 and day 3) in week 4 and training A(another day 1, another day 2 etc) in week 12…
    And also a training B and training C etc. I think I want something complicated 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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