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  • Resolved Juan Gray


    The Event Calendar 3 is showing the events I create on the calendar, but is listing them by when they were CREATED.

    This is obviously some mistake, as there could be no conceivable reason why someone would want to know when an event was first posted, rather than when the actual event was taking place.

    I dread hacking this code, which is organized in a way unfamiliar to me. I have tried reinstalling to no avail.

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  • Juan Gray


    I managed to force WP into making the post date the same as the event date, but then WordPress then refused to list it as published. I installed a plugin to force WordPress to publish future posts, which it still refused to do. I forced it past this point, and then unfathomably the calendar STILL listed the post as when it was posted.

    As far as I can tell, even DIRECTLY manipulating the dates, deleting database tables, the calendar still pulls the stupid date from somewhere else. The pointless, useless, POST date of an event.

    Rather than smash my laptop, I decided to uninstall and discard Event Calendar 3 after 5 days of wasted development.

    Try setting “Show all categories in calendar” to “Only Show Events” in the Event Calendar Settings. This removed post dates from the calendar for me and only left the actual future event dates.

    Juan Gray


    Yes I discovered the problem was the Eventify plugin’s abject failure to properly register events. The calendar could not possibly find them. I destroyed the Eventify plugin and shredded the disk space it used to occupy.

    To get events to show up on EC3 you must add them as posts through the EC3 custom fields way down at the bottom of the post. This isn’t mentioned in the documentation or anywhere else on the internet.

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