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  • A way to view stats by time period such by any day, week, month or year.

    eShop is great. It’s running without a problem.

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  • no promises but I’ll look into it.

    Also nice would be some sort of language localization, in one of two ways:
    1) .po/.mo file with all necessary strings
    2) easy to modify template files (like for the e-mails)

    Otherwise a very nice and flexible plugin

    .po files is available via

    Templates for what?

    Found the .po file, thanks! Maybe you should mention the localisation options more clearly in the help files, it’s not obvious that you can localise eShop so I assumed it wasn’t possible.
    With the templates I meant that you would be able to modify all the ‘non-logic’ content through template files, as an alternative to .po/.mo files. But that latter option is way better, so never mind 😉

    Further payment options would be useful – I’m primarily an ecommerce bod rather than a blogger, and I know that customers do like to see choice of payment methods.

    Just as examples, popular PayPal alternatives include –
    Google Checkout

    Amazon Payments will probably seriously eat into PayPal territory by year end too.

    Minor Payment providers with loyal followings include –

    There also needs to be a “pay by post” function for non-download items – i.e. cheque or postal/money order by post (it’s still a highly popular payment method … despite what eBay would have people believe). This only needs to be a screen display of payee and address, also sent by email with order details and instructions to print a copy to send with the payment (you would be really surprised at how many people send a payment with no order details or customer address).

    Another common payment method via which my primary ecommerce site receives over 30% of payments, is payment by bank transfer / counter deposit / online banking transfer etc. This option only really requires a payment details email output, echoed to screen for people swapping between the purchase window and their online banking window. It is essential to provide an order reference code or number to be input with the bank payment.


    A further wish list item would be a sidebar widget with randomised display of what’s in the eshop – just to draw attention to it’s existence.


    Excellent addition to WordPress though – I’m still getting to grips with using it, and will no doubt love it once I’m familiar with all its bits and pieces.


    The cash payment option is already there, and is meant for cheques/cash etc.

    Other than that I’ve only added payment options because someone donated after discussion with myself. However at this time Google Checkout won’t be added – while they still require people to have an SSL I won’t be coding it.

    Fair call on Google – I really begrudge the enforced SSL expense and coding terrors.

    For most of the others I mentioned, you might be able to rework the module plug-ins from osCommerce – would save a lot of API research.

    Apologies that I’d overlooked the cash/cheque option – didn’t notice I’d left it off when doing the test config … any chance it could be moved to the top of the gateways list seeing it uses so few displayed lines? Would make it harder to overlook then.


    Paypal is at the top because that is the most common one. If/when others are added I may have to alphabetise them.

    Adding new payment options isn’t as simple as adding the code, even if I could guarantee they work. I’d still need to test, and it usually takes longer to figure out how to get a test account than it does to code the things…

    I like on the plug-in page how each plug-in is rated. However, I’d love to see the comments of the people who rated the plug-in. For instance, if someone left a rating of 2 stars, why did they rate it so low?

    It would help me as a user to better decide if I want the plug-in or not, and it may help developers in improving the plug-in.

    Comments are usually left in the support forums…

    best way is to install and try it out, same for all plugins really.

    Is there any sort of repository for localisation files? I’m looking for the Dutch translation, specifically. Googling ‘eshop’ isn’t turning up much.

    available on – I’ll be updating it later today.

    I think you’ve misunderstood slightly: I’ve got the .po file and I could use that for translation, but I was wondering whether there is a Dutch translation already available. If it is available on, I didn’t find it.

    ahh no there isn’t that I know of – sorry.

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