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  • Where on earth is the css file that is edited on eshop_style.php page?

    I have searched for all sorts of text within this file but can’t find it. I then went through and changed the css file names in the eShop plugin/files directory and still no change.

    I know I can edit the css through the plugin gui but I would rather do it in my text editor.


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  • 🙂

    I need to add this to the help page as it keeps cropping up.

    the file that you edit and use is located in the wp-content/uploads/eshop_files directory.

    Uh, then why is there css files in the eshop plugin folder and files subfolder?

    the css file in the plugins/eshop directory is for the admin pages.
    the css file in the plugins/eshop/files directory is the one shipped with the plugin for use on the front pages, but is copied to a new directory so that it can be customised, but not overwritten by future updates.

    I’m also having difficulty customizing the CSS for this. I can delete everything out of the stylesheets, and still the only thing that will change is the admin panel, and the default shop layout. If I try to add my own styles, no matter what style sheet I’ve put them in (and I’ve tried them all), it doesn’t seem to recognize any styles I do.

    I’m quite boggled.

    well you can edit the stylesheet directly via the Appearance > eShop page.

    Or edit directly in the wp-content/uploads/eshop-files directory.

    Or upload an eshop.css file to to your current theme, this over rides other eshop style.

    Thanks I look into that. Great plugin btw.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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