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  • I can add INR into the next release for you.

    HongKong (HKD) please, and i agree with Jim 2122, to let user add their payment gateway is good idea, also good for developer to make gateway plugin.(at least i will do that)

    I haven’t added in the necessary code to allow for modules to be added – maybe sometime in the far future…

    Hong Kong Dollars is already in there.

    Thanks elfin,
    I have a idea, maybe create some api call for eShop,
    e.g getCartProduct()
    getUserInfo() …

    because most payment gateway need similar information to checkout, and it so many payment method in the world,to reduce your work load, it may have a function call from eShop.

    maybe, but it’ll take time to recode. I’ve upgraded a lot of things recently, and when I get chance I’m going to try and condense the gateways code to make it easier to extend etc. But it won’t happen for some time.

    Thanks Elfin – it’d be great if you can add INR payments with any gateway of your choice. I’m already in talks with EBS, might be easier to add from files they are supposed to provide soon.

    just waiting on that one file.

    Hey elfin,

    I don’t see where to add a payment acceptance module anywhere?
    Am I missing something?

    Also, I am an e-commerce consultant and was just messing with all the WP carts so I can write about them. Have some suggestions that may be pretty easy to add. LOL, I will only make one per post 🙂

    There should be a way to exclude certain states or zipcodes. Some products cannot be sold in certain states and this would be helpful to have an exclusionary feature.

    Thanks in advance for you help

    Talk to you soon I’m sure.

    P.S. If I get this working I will donate for sure, always believe in the advancement of technologies!

    and you posted in an unrelated thread?

    states can be added/deleted.



    Hi Elfin,

    Could you please add Thai Baht as well.

    Great plugin and can’t wait to be able to use it for my wife’s online shop.

    Thanks heaps,



    What’s the 3 letter code for that?

    Hello Elfin,
    Is there a way to show just the price of the product and not in a dropdown with the title of that price and @ after it.

    I just want to show the price, how do I do it?


    in the add to cart form or outside of it?

    how many options per product do you have? (if 1, try setting number of options to 1 on the settings page)

    above the green button I want to see just plain price:

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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