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  • Right after upgrading eShop from 4.3.2 to 5.0.2 on WPMU 2.9.2 I noticed all my products (downloads) no longer have the Add to Cart section below them. The eShop Products admin page is empty. The admin page Downloads shows the same 100+ list as before…

    When editing a post that should have a product attached, I see it is completely gone 🙁


    Will I have to edit each and every post again to get my shop back online? Or is there a shortcut I can take like going into the DB to retrieve the old settings and port them to 5.0 ?


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  • if you backed up the database, you could reinstall the old version, if not no – they will be lost.

    I’ll look at finding out why the downloads didn’t transfer over

    Also lost all eShop widget settings but that was not too much work…

    Did nobody else have this problem? If so, is it maybe because I have set eShop for “Downloads only”? (I hoped that would eliminate the need to check the “stock available” option each time, but it doesn’t)

    not reported by anyone else yet.

    and no that doesn’t affect the need to check the stock available.

    I’ve got a bit of the same problem with downloads.

    I do have the Add to Cart section below my articles but when they order and pay they receive a mail without download login information and my system says that they are all products without downloads.

    What happened to this great eshop plugin?

    As you can see here, tried a lot of things but nothing seem to work.

    as I answered there:
    ok I’ll look at this in the morning then – it should be working , but maybe I missed something.

    5.0.3 released to try and address this issue.

    excellent! i’ll backup first this time 😉

    thanks rich, buying and downloading works again ! 🙂

    only thing i find is that my orders keep getting marked as Failed… i am using my primary paypal address. could it be caused by special characters in the product description? if not, what else?

    hmmm… tested again with a description that holds no special characters. just a-z, spaces and a hyphen… i used my proper name (same as at paypal) and primary email.

    what else can cause this?

    well yours was working, and now isn’t.. so this is strange.

    any clues in the auto email from eShop?

    cannot find anything weird in the auto email but then, i’m not sure how to read that… can you take a look at it for me?

    sure, usual address

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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