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  • Hi Rich,

    It was shocking to read how often you respond to posts in your forum. This is why I am here. I started with WP a couple of years ago. Really like it. When I wanted to add a cart/ecommerce plug in, things went poorly for me.

    I cannot get any cart/ecommerce plug in to work with my yahoo isp. They install WP for me and it’s easy to manage. But plugin’s that are $$ related fail.

    The failure I always have with all commerce plugins is that I get the “Stylesheet is missing” error message. Same with eShop. I know this has been asked many times. But there are never any answers that fit my issue. There is no style.css file that I can find in the zip file on my pc or on my online site for ANY commerce plugin. I know themes are not the same as plugins, but the themes all have their style.css files in the zip files and on my site. So it looks like the zip/unzip app’s are working. Part of my debug has been looking at the zip app and wondering if it is not unzipping the file properly and deleting the style.css file. I have read some have had this issue. But for me and yahoo both to have it, seems unlikely.

    I started trying 2 years ago to add an ecommerce plugin to one of my blogs, but had to give up due to being so new to WP. I went with NOPcommerce instead, at great the great expense of 2 weeks of my life. But now I feel far more skilled and have the exact same issue.

    Would you mind helping me?

    Thank you!


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  • Plugin Author elfin


    The stylesheet for eShop is contained in the plugin in the eshop/files sub directory – however on first install everything in that directory is transferred to wp-content/uploads/eshop_files, plus logo’s from the various Merchant gateways.

    eShop will also use by default an eshop.css from your theme if it has one.

    Additionally wp-content/eshop_downloads is also created, with the content of eshop/downloads transferred over.

    Now if you are installing the plugin via the plugin installer from within WordPress and some files aren’t there, then you need to think about installing via FTP instead.


    I’m in Brazil staying with friends. I’m using a win7 laptop. I uploaded eShop using Filezilla after extracting it first. eShop activated just fine. It was a surprise!

    I have ftp’d other ecommerce solutions as well without any success. eShop is the first time ever that I have successfully loaded an ecommerce plugin for WP.

    I will try and duplicate this same process from my own computer when I get back to the US, so see if there is something at home that is different.

    Thanks so much! I look forward to using eShop!!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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