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    Hello I sure could need some help here,

    i recently updated to the latet version of eshop for my site but have been expenriencing a minor problem. When customers hit the “add to cart button” to bring up total price, the value of the item price automatically doubles in the cart. i never used to experience this problem before.

    Also, when a transaction is processed, i receive notification that transaction was successful and also receive multiple Paypal IPN: failed payment message. but when I check paypal, payment is there..

    Any help will truly be appreciated

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  • Plugin Author elfin


    cart doubling – which widget are you using, and what settings. Are the prices doubled when going to the shopping cart page?

    Can you also test in a default theme such as twenty ten or twenty eleven and deactivate all other plugins to see if the issue persists.

    Multiple failed messages? if it fails you should receive just 1 from eShop. But the failing may be connected t the above, so test a payment while testing the above as well please.

    Hello Elfin,

    I am using ehop cart (improved widget)..the settings are

    Just Totals:
    Total Number of Items (checked)
    Total Quantity of Items (checked)
    Cart Total (checked)

    The price stays the same in actual cart, but doubles in sidebar cart.

    Can you please direct me as to how to test in a default theme..(I am very new to this and have no experience. My webmaster recently passed and I am trying to figure all this on my own to keep business going). Thank you so so much

    Plugin Author elfin


    Ok I just checked with those settings in the latest version and it does work for me.

    If you are unsure how to change things then I would suggest that you don’t – at least not on a LIVE site until you are more certain on what you can and can’t do.

    However, in case you still want to try:

    To change themes goto the Appearance – Themes
    for plugins – there is a plugin menu.

    I solved this by going to /wp-content/plugins/eshop/

    I edit the filed called: cart-functions.php

    Look for this block of code:
    //therefore if cart exists and has products
    if($check > 0){
    global $final_price, $sub_total;

    Add this right below:

    Plugin Author elfin


    thanks for identifying the possible cause, I’ll look into it for the next release.

    I tried opening page /wp-content/plugins/eshop/, but i can’t access do I make this changes..any help will be appreciated as I am a novice to this..thank you.



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    See Plugins -> Editor -> eShop -> cart-functions.php

    thank you Esmi, I wll try to work on this and let you know the results. Hopefully I fix thi, it will also fix my fail IPN problem

    Esmi, you are so awesome. problem fixed…do you know how to resolve the failed IPN bug..transactions go through fine, but I keep receiving failed IPN messages..thank you



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    I had the same problem with double sum in the basket. GRRREEEAT! Thanks for this solving this problem for me- I would never fix it myself! Thanks!

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