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    Since upgrading from version 6.0.2 to the most current version, I am having random failed PayPal payment reports. Sometimes even from the same session from the same person. They will make a purchase and it goes through via PayPal just fine and the emails are sent properly.

    Then, they buy another file (eShop is used for digital downloads only on this site) two minutes later and PayPal reports a failed payment. The money goes into the PayPal account, but the actual purchase is moved into “Failed” category under Orders. And of course, no emails are sent.

    This is a totally random occurance with no rhyme or reason and only started happening when I upgraded to 6.2.17. (6.2.15 would do this on ALL purchases).

    At this point, I am about to once again revert back to version 6.0.2 as that seems to be the only 6.0.x release that is stable. I have have had nothing but problems since going to versions 6.1.x.

    Site Specs:
    WP Version: 3.4.2
    Theme: Milano
    eShop Version: 6.2.17

    Other plugins installed:
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Limit Posts
    Wordpress SEO

    Here is one report example: (names and emails have been changed)

    Paypal has reported an invalid payment.

    mc_gross: 0.01
    protection_eligibility: Ineligible
    item_count_unit1: 0
    item_number1: CINE-LGT : xVid format
    tax: 0.00
    payer_id: AMUQDT85NFCVQ
    payment_date: 18:32:29 Oct 17, 2012 PDT
    item_tax_rate1: 0
    payment_status: Completed
    charset: windows-1252
    mc_shipping: 0.00
    item_tax_rate_double1: 0.00
    mc_handling: 0.00
    first_name: John
    mc_fee: 0.01
    notify_version: 3.7
    custom: 35c43574957d28c6f8d7df157feacc0f507f5c0c9e1745.13628342
    payer_status: verified
    num_cart_items: 1
    mc_handling1: 0.00
    verify_sign: AkHxcsO71bHkq1zJiHNGkFf0Uo14AqkorPrlIZVJH2evmJVVol0giNak
    mc_shipping1: 0.00
    tax1: 0.00
    txn_id: 2U781580E14807343
    payment_type: instant
    last_name: Smith
    item_name1: Let\\\\\\ s Give a Tea
    payment_fee: 0.01
    quantity1: 1
    receiver_id: 9DSLVT3LHXD3C
    txn_type: cart
    mc_gross_1: 0.01
    mc_currency: USD
    item_taxable1: N
    residence_country: US
    transaction_subject: 35c43574957d28c6f8d7df157feacc0f507f5c0c9e1745.13628342
    payment_gross: 0.01
    ipn_track_id: 48bc780ad8486

    Also, if someone purchases more than one file and tries to download them all at once in a ZIP file, it will just return a blank page.

    Looking at the code there is no action specified for the form:
    <form method="post" action="" class="eshop dlproduct">

    For now, I have just have hidden the “Download All” button. However, this is something that might need to be addressed.


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  • esmi


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    Since the issue is intermittent, it’s not the plugin. It’s far more likely to be a server issue.

    I might think that if this issue crept up when using version 6.0.x, but it never did. All purchases went through fine. It only started with version 6.2.15, where it would fail every purchase and with 6.2.17 where it does so randomly.

    For now, I have gone back to version 6.0.2.

    Yesterday, I had to give a refund to someone who had purchased 11 of our shorts. That is money I cannot afford to be giving back because of a script update that I cannot rely on.

    And after I downgraded, that same person repurchased some of the same shorts without a hitch. So, that points to the plugin, not the server.



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    I’m sorry but no one else has reported any problem, like this, so it would appear that this is site/server specific. If there was a bug in the plugin, all orders would fail. I still suspect a server problem. Have you checked your server’s error logs for clues?



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    As there has not been an update to this topic for a while, I can only assume that the issue has now been resolved and I am now marking it as such. If this is incorrect, please feel free to change the topic’s status and/or post a followup.

    I have the exact same problem! we are pretty much the same!

    addition to the problem of mail not sent, the bugs do not get the magazine and you risk to sell things that you no longer in stock



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    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – is likely to be completely different.

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