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[Resolved] [Plugin: eShop] "No Results Found" after completing or canceling order

  • I have a serious problem in that users cannot access my website after completing or canceling an order unless they delete their cookies! As soon as the user hits the PayPal page, they will not be able to return to my site, instead seeing a page under my domain saying, “No Results Found.”

    I already tried changing my theme to Twenty Ten and the same thing happens, so it isn’t a theme issue. I also contacted PayPal’s support team and they told me it wasn’t their problem. The only other plugins I have installed aside from eShop are eShop Text Mangle and Jetpack.

    Help is desperately needed– My customers are trying to come back for more, but they are unable to!


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  • P.S. My website address is balletuni.com/shop



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    I’m sorry but that sounds like a server issue. Have you spoken to your hosts about it?

    I have not spoken to my host because it still shows my domain, just not my shop page.

    I have two wordpress installations: one is my main site, and one is my shop page. The problem I am having is with the shop page giving “No Results Found,” NOT the main page. So what the user sees when they try to return to my site is a page that looks just like my main page, balletuni.com, and you can see the header and the sidebar and the footer and all the styling for my main page, but under the main content you see “No Results Found.” The styling for my shop page is different (different header, footer, etc.), and that is completely absent.

    If you need to take a look, my main site url is balletuni.com
    My shop page url is balletuni.com/shop


    I think I fixed the problem! I noticed that the issue occurs with the ‘eshopcart’ cookie. So I went into checkout.php and changed the following code:






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    This is not an eShop issue. It’s a server issue.

    Ok. Did I impair the functionality of the plugin by doing what I did (above code change)?

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    that filter was added so that you could change it via a plugin. Changing the core code there isn’t very clever, and will get changed every time you update eShop.

    Could you tell me what that plugin is? Thanks!



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    The filter was added for other plugins (generic). There is no plugin that can fix your issue as it’s a server problem.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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