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    I’ve had this problem before, but all of my payments went through. Now Paypal has sent me a warning that it may not accept payments from my website due to this. I have the primary e-mail addresses matching in my PayPal and site. I had my second e-mail also added on to my website. For some reason the notification of payment for paypal is always going to my secondary email from PayPal.

    What do I do to stop this?


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    Now Paypal has sent me a warning that it may not accept payments from my website due to this.

    Because of what? Please try to provide a full description of the issue.

    Because of the IPN Failing as mentioned in the title. I’ve gotten messages delivered before saying Paypal payment failed because of the IPN but I still get paid so I ignored it and for a while they stopped, but I can’t have Paypal discontinuing my service.

    Here is the message from Paypal:

    Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing:

    If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is using IPN on your behalf. Please contact your service provider with the above information. If this problem continues, IPNs may be disabled for your account.

    I keep getting more and more failed transactions due to a bad IPN. I made it so there is only one email on both my paypal and my eshop account.

    It is not showing new purchases on my eshop area on my website so I dont know if this is the purchase from the 4th that is still getting thrown back or something someone tries to purchase again today but isn’t recording in the transaction history of eshop. I did notice the last transaction that is showing as ‘pending’ on eshop is showing as completed by PayPal, but it seems like its still trying to charge it as it says that the Payment is Processing. But thats just a theory. I’m trying to give you all the information so that you can have an idea what is going on with this to help. 🙁

    The error messages being the one I posted above and the one below. The 8 repeated emails with the two warnings messages from Paypal in 24 hours is very concerning especially when they say that they may block that url.

    I am also now getting emails about this:
    An instant payment notification was received

    from on 10/06/2012 at 4:31 AM

    Paypal has reported an invalid, and failed payment.

    Please help! I’m worried I’m missing tons of sales right now and this is my only income.


    Invalid and failed payments only occur if Paypal rejects it.

    I’ll need to see the subject and first few lines of the email that eShop sends you for one of these failed payments to be able to look into this.

    At the moment I only seem to be getting emails from Paypal.

    Okay, looks like Paypal is the only one sending me repeated messages at the moment.

    I’m showing one message I received from eshop after hunting around a little:

    subject: Paypal IPN -Invalid and Failed Payment Ref:
    An instant payment notification was received

    from on 10/05/2012 at 7:37 AM

    Paypal has reported an invalid, and failed payment.

    Regards, Your friendly automated response.

    Thanks for your help!

    As an after thought this may be related. I have received payments in the past that was reported as invalid. In my eshop settings tab they are listed under ‘failed’ but the payment went through in Paypal so I never worried about them. I have many more of these then payments that actually went through.

    The email below came from eShop for one of those transactions listed as failed in eShop but payment received in Paypal.

    If any of this info I left in shouldn’t be left as public knowledge, like the ID’s please let me know so I can remove them. Where it says my email it actually had my emails listed.

    Here is a copy of most of it. I am removing the person’s private information.

    subject: Paypal IPN -INVALID Payment Ref:06N12556FN6194143
    date: Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 5:00 AM

    Paypal has reported an invalid payment.

    mc_gross: 25.00
    protection_eligibility: Eligible
    address_status: confirmed
    item_number1: balancereading : Emailed
    payer_id: [Removed Private Info]
    tax: 0.00
    address_street: [Removed Private Info]
    payment_date: 02:59:54 Jul 14, 2012 PDT
    payment_status: Completed
    charset: windows-1252
    address_zip: 96722
    mc_shipping: 0.00
    mc_handling: 0.00
    first_name: Dean
    mc_fee: 1.03
    address_country_code: US
    address_name: [Removed Private Info]
    notify_version: 3.5
    custom: 5c9c20b1b165df465c2909212f71de55500142fdcd9a20.29956854
    payer_status: verified
    business: My email address was here
    address_country: United States
    num_cart_items: 1
    mc_handling1: 0.00
    address_city: [Removed Private Info]
    verify_sign: AqVThB-8XREJojEHIuMW8svwyhfuAFqNDDZP8g5xwf9aL8uAJbPkoK7e
    payer_email: Their email address
    mc_shipping1: 0.00
    tax1: 0.00
    txn_id: 06N12556FN6194143
    payment_type: instant
    last_name: [Removed Private Info]
    address_state: [Removed Private Info]
    item_name1: A 5 card reading helping to focus on ways to feel more balanced through life\\\\\\ s turmoils.
    receiver_email: My email
    payment_fee: 1.03
    quantity1: 1
    receiver_id: KZQTDG5JMHGHG
    txn_type: cart
    mc_gross_1: 25.00
    mc_currency: USD
    residence_country: US
    transaction_subject: 5c9c20b1b165df465c2909212f71de55500142fdcd9a20.29956854
    payment_gross: 25.00
    ipn_track_id: 1a27132caa9f7

    Regards, Your friendly automated response.

    copies of old emails don’t help at all.

    Are you saying that all your orders currently stay in pending?

    Those are the copies of the old emails. In your last post you asked for old emails and now you say that they aren’t help. If those aren’t what you asked for here:

    I’ll need to see the subject and first few lines of the email that eShop sends you for one of these failed payments to be able to look into this.

    What did you need? I would like to give you what you need to help solve the problem and I’m doing the best at what I think you are referring to.

    Let me try explaining everything over more clearly and in one email because it may have gotten jumbled throughout the multiple messages.

    The person makes a payment.

    Paypal always seems to accept the payment. Normally because they accept the Payment I ignore the issue.

    Paypal are now sending me the warnings that the IPN is invalid. They are sending me these messages repeatedly for the same sale. Prior to this I only got 1 notice.

    Within eshop there is a lot of payments under the deleted tab in “orders” that I did not delete. These items were paid for. Their status still “processing.”

    There are a few items under the “Failed” orders tab. Those were paid for as well, but they have transaction ids. These also however had the failed IPN.

    This information here is not about a problem, but information that should hopefully help solve the problem.
    For a while I had two email addresses listed in eshop and paypal. For a while adding the second email address seemed to solve the problem.

    Oddly all the information about my sales were sent to the secondary email not the primary. This was irritating but at least I was getting some messages. And the IPNs had stopped for a while, but now they are back. The problem of the IPNs have been intermittent since I got eShop which has been for quite a few months if not over a year throughout the updates of WP and Eshop.

    I have now tried to only have one email in paypal and eshop as I read someone else had the problem and that fixed it for them. I have continued to receive the emails from Paypal threatening to block my website from accepting Payments due to bad IPN requests.

    I hope that this is clearer and provides all the information you need. I don’t know what other emails you wanted when you asked as I have provided ones from both eshop and paypal to try to help clarify the issue and do not have any other related emails to my knowledge.

    Thank you.

    1 – if orders are still in pending then for whatever reason Paypal is not connecting to your site. You need to sort that out before I can help.

    Try changing back to twenty eleven theme and deactivating all other plugins, then do a test purchase(on live) and see what happens – if you get an email from eShop about the order then post the subject/first few lines of that email. Posting one from months ago doesn’t help at all.

    If it goes through and the order is no longer pending, then re-enable your theme/plugins one by one testing each time until you get an error – then let me know what that plugin is.

    It appears the issue is with a plugin named “Bad Behavior” For those who find this thread and have issues with this you need to whitelist: Thanks

    Never mind got it. Thanks.



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    Bad Behaviour

    We cannot support the use of eShop with this plugin at the present time. However for those that still wish to use it, so far as we can tell, there are no conflicts. But you will have to visit the Paypal Go Live Checklist and add all of the IP addresses to Bad Behaviour’s whitelist.

    Compatibility with other plugins

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