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    I am making a shop to sell prints and cards. Every item is available as a card or a print and the prints are more expensive and will cost more to post. I would like to keep the two options on the same page but select different shipping classes/ prices for option 1 and option 2. Is this possible?

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    Yes – using Shipping Method 4 (ship by weight). Just apply a greater weight to the prints.

    thanks so much for your quick reply! Please could you explain how I enter the shipping mode details? Are these just titles for options only admin will see?
    edit: I think I’m supposed to enter cards on one line and prints on the next, g/kg in weight units – but then – do I have to be accurate with the weights (does the user see them) or are they merely to calculate shipping backend so I could make them whatever?



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    Are these just titles for options only admin will see?

    No. Customers will see them & may use them to decide which product they want.

    I think I’m supposed to enter cards on one line and prints on the next, g/kg in weight units

    No. Set a unit weight in grams. Or use something more arbitrary such as paper quality/density and use the manufacturer’s gsm value or bond weight (there’s a nice chart at As long as the entries are numeric, eShop can then calculate the correct shipping to apply and customers will understand your P&P rates.

    Ok thank you again Esmi, my friend is going to check the weights of her two products for p&p tomorrow. Just to clarify, will the customer see the weights as well or just the modes and prices? as we are only putting up two types for now, one card size and one print size. So ideally would like to use the different weight options to allow for people ordering several cards together if possible rather than them thinking they have a choice of different weight cards



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    They won’t see the weight ranges unless you opt to display those details by selecting “Yes” for Add product details section to every page with details to display in Settings -> eShop ->General ->Product Details. They’ll just see the total weight of their items in the checkout.

    erk I have just tried it out and weights and unexplained zones appear in the shipping rates box – this really does seem a confusing way to do what I’m trying to do – send an A5 card for less than an A3 print. I suppose the only solution would be to create separate departments for cards and prints but that would be hugely timeconsuming and would effectively mean I would duplicate my content. But this calculating shipping by weight seems like a slightly inelegant solution to what is probably a common problem. it would be really nice to say A5 cards are this much and A3 prints are that much. I don’t think I’ve ever particularly wanted to know the weight of a greeting card or print I’ve bought, or to have to calculate the cost of my shipping by weight of several purchases rather than quantity. In fact i’m not even sure that would work… (if i buy two cards that weigh 30g each and i’ve set one price for 30g, and one for 60g would the shipping calculate them at the 60g set price? or come in as 2x the the 30g weight price?
    Also really quite stumped about the country zones – it seems you have to be pretty good at geography to even make a start mailing worldwide …and also the customers will have to hazard a guess at what zone they are in in order to make an informed choice from the shipping rates page.
    think it’ll have to wait til tomorrow my eyes are crossing and I’m prob not making much sense – thanks so much for all your help 🙂 x

    just trying out some other types of shops… I wish ebay did one! 🙂

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    you are asking before trying – test what can and can’t be done. I always urge people to test and try it out first.

    I admit I’m a bit guilty of that here – my defense is that having spent hours staring at a screen when people suggest things every now and then you feel like asking ‘what if’ – and usually I am trying these things at the same time 😉 still haven’t quite figured out this one will get back on it

    Ok thank you both for all of your help and pointers – in order to split the options I decided to do shipping by weight and zone, charging only enough to cover the cost of sending a card to various zones – and factored the price of the extra P&P into the cost of the prints. Then I created 3 zones, putting UK in 1, Republic of Ireland and the european countries I recognised in 2 and the rest in 3 – simples! I knew I just needed to leave it for a couple of days and come back to it 🙂 Was glad to get eshop working as was by far my fave out of the similar plugins I looked at, integrates very nicely and works a treat. Would be very, very nice though if maybe in the future there could be a way to split options based on price rather than weight, I can see from posts here and there that it isn’t possible at present … otherwise love this plugin, nice work.

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