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  • I love this plugin already and I have used it for less than an hour!

    A couple of feature requests:

    (1) Would it be possible to have more than one “Product Entry” panel in the post area?

    I know we could probably use the “Product Options” to define them, but this might get messy.

    (2) Would like to see an option in the admin area to remove all Shipping options entirely (product entry, checkout, etc.)

    (3) Would also like to see a “widget” or manual php function of some kind noting the number of items in the cart. Bonus points if this was done in AJAX!

    This is probably the only good thing about WP e-Commerce.

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  • One other request:

    (4) Consolidate shopping cart and checkout pages
    This is another thing that would be nice to add that borrows from WP e-Commerce.

    And another request!

    (5) Create “customers bought these related items” functionality as a display option in the “Product Entry” panel

    This one might be tricky…


    all good ideas.

    1) no it isn’t, and yes that is why you can specify how many options you can have,

    2) Remove all shipping? well you can use the ‘downloads only’ option if that is what you meant. Though if you delete the shipping id from the pages settings then it removes the link to it.

    3) what’s wrong with the current widget? I’m not competent enough with ajax – and refuse to add something I couldn’t support.

    4) I can see why this might be useful, but I won’t be adding this in, sorry.

    5) or a ‘you might also be interested in’ type of thing. Well that functionality is already there – when editing a page you can use the show product shortcode and specify which ones to show.

    Hi elfin,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    For #2, just tried the “Downloads only” option and it works fine!
    Thanks for that. Although technically speaking our products are not “downloads” per se but are service-permissible.

    For #3, I must apologize regarding my ignorance! The widget works fine. I’ll see what I can do for customization on this.

    For #5, you make a good point. I was just thinking from an automation perspective of whether some kind of backend programming could be done though to render this (kind of like Amazon). Probably can, but probably a lot of work as well!

    Once again, thanks for creating such a robust plugin.

    By “robust”, I mean it is so clean and a pleasure to work with. Although it has more features, WP e-Commerce is a nightmare.

    If I have any other thoughts for new features, I’ll post them here.




    Really liking the plugin, there is just one feature to add on that I have thought of;

    (6) A second set of options, I now PayPal can handle 2 sets of options with it’s standard payment system.

    At present we have a T-shirt site, so the options are taken up by size selections – it would be good in the future if we could have a second set of options for colour maybe.

    2nd options may come – I just have to think how to handle them without causing ‘overload’ on the admin screen – everything takes up space 🙁



    that’s good news that you’re thinking about it, good luck in finding a solution as i think it would definitely be worthwhile!

    eee! I’ll second this suggestion. We’re selling photos – first round of options are image sizes – but also need finish and full bleed/border options. I’ll certainly be following this thread in hopes of an elegant solution!

    I’ve been tinkering with most of the shopping card plugins the past week or two and am relieved to find one that is 1) soo well done and 2) well-supported.

    excellent work!

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